The first thing that comes to mind to go to the neighbors. If you live in an apartment building, it is quite possible that your neighbors living here for a longer time, know where is South and where the North and with pleasure will tell about it.
If you want to determine the part of the world, while in his apartment, on their own, just watch where and how each morning rises the sun. From any window on any side this can be determined at least approximately. Accordingly, if the sight of you is the South, then the right hand will be West, on the left is the East, and back North. However, that's not an accurate calculation, because the sun is in constant motion. What to do if you need accurate information?
If your service is available worldwide network, to determine the part of the world via the Internet. To do this, find a map of your own city where you want to make your address. After receiving the printout from their own home, which is always specified side of the world, looking out the window, can navigate very easy.
Another method using a conventional mechanical watch arrow. This method is suitable only if the day is fairly Sunny. So, aim the hour hand directly at the sun, and divide the angle between this arrow and the numeral 1 if it is winter, and 2 - if it's summer. This bisector will point directly to the South.
If you need to determine which side of light at night, it can be done, looking at the starry sky from the balcony. If you manage to find the North star, please note that it shines in the North. Looking for this star is easy: first, you need to look for in the sky the constellation URSA major. Second, we perform a conditional straight line passing through two extreme stars of the Big dipper. This conditional direct five times note the same distance as the distance between the last two stars. It will Shine the North star. Stand up to face her: on the right is East and left is West.