If next after the feast morning, your health is not a good call, we can assume that the holiday was a success. But, joking aside, it's not good to overload the body. To avoid a hangover the next morning after the feast, should not be consumed too much alcohol. You should not to mix different alcoholic beverages, e.g., beer with vodka, it is better not to use it.

Why beer does not mix well with vodka

First, add vodka to the beer ruins the taste of the drink. Second, the mixing of these drinks simply harmful and causes the body crushing blow. The beer is quite jealous of the presence of another drink in the body.

In beer with more alcohol content there are supplements – they, in turn, contain a considerable number of different compounds that are processed by the liver in General is pretty good. On the body they even have quite a beneficial impact, provided that the beer is good, no chemical additives. But when the content of impurities of ethyl alcohol is taken the liver to process these substances.

If after the vodka man decided to drink more beer, the effects may not be particularly pleasant. The more spirits, adopted earlier, the level of ethanol in the blood will rise quickly and cause severe intoxication.

The harm of alcohol

Some people are confident that the use of spirits, made of similar natural raw materials, no harm will be done. And if you start with less of spirits, gradually moving to products with a high content of alcohol, the body will not take damage.

Vodka and beer are beverages made from raw materials of the same nature, that is from grain. There is a perception that the use of different alcohol from one group, in small portions, and besides, still and observing the rule of "increasing degree", the body will not be harmed.

But it's not. Malt and yeast present in the beer, with alcohol blended bad. When drinking vodka, and beer is a kind of reaction liquids, and then the breakdown of the toxins. This is the cause of hangover in the morning. The result of mixing will be a blow to the brain, stomach and liver.

Despite the fact that the beer is to alcoholic drink harm him the body is not less than the strong. Acetaldehyde is one of the breakdown products of alcohol – the human body is the strongest poison. If a person consumes alcohol, a small fortress, it just reduces damage the body harm, but not get rid of him. Even the drink expensive, high quality, can only reduce the quantity of poison the body of toxins, but completely from the harmful effects of alcohol does not help.