What vodka is?

Vodka is one of the most alcoholic beverages. Colourless liquid, practically odorless and tasteless, is an integral part of the feast in Russia. Vodka has long been considered a purely Russian drink. Jokingly say that it has become a symbol of Russia.
The strength of vodka is 40 degrees.

What makes vodka?

Vodka is made from alcohol and water. Factories for the production of vodka bring ready-made the alcohol obtained from grains to other plants.

Further, the alcohol is mixed with water, poured into bottles and label.

Currently, in the manufacture of vodka manufacturers add a variety of sweeteners, flavorings and more. This allows not only to give a special taste alcoholic beverage, but also enhance its value.

How to determine the quality of vodka?

Buying a bottle of vodka, you should pay attention to the ingredients listed on the label. It must be water, name of pure alcohol. If many other components, you should think, good vodka or not. Usually, sweeteners, emulsifiers, and flavors added to hide the poor quality or unusual vodka taste.
Vodka is an excellent antifoam, therefore, high-quality vodka, once shook the bottle for one to two seconds will destroy all emerging bubbles.

On a bottle of qualitative vodka is always present excise. It should be exactly pasted, without damage. The number printed on it should be clearly visible.

Should not buy too cheap vodka, because the price matches the quality.

Than to dilute the vodka?

Vodka is a universal alcoholic product, so it can be drunk in its pure form or mixing with other drinks. Moreover, as with the non-alcoholic and alcoholic.

Before to dilute alcohol other alcoholic drink, it should be remembered that not all can be mixed with vodka.
If you don't want to spoil your fun, it is not necessary to dilute the vodka drinks containing carbon dioxide (beer, champagne). Carbon dioxide contributes to the rapid absorption of alcohol through the stomach wall. The result of this experiment, you will get a headache, malaise and terrible hangover in the morning.

You should also not dilute the vodka other spirits, because, in doing so, lost the taste, increase the degree of the drink, and as a result you get poor health and a heavy hangover.

But juices are ideal for cocktail with vodka. The greatest preference for orange, tomato and cranberry juices. Also nice blend of vodka, grapefruit and pomegranate juices.

Vodka can be diluted with plain water. This will help to reduce the degree.

Using such cocktails, it should be remembered that the intoxication in this case, it will come slowly and imperceptibly.