While working on modern computers, there is often a problem when stops working reader. Typically, in such an unpleasant situation can easily understand by any user regardless of his level of computer skills. To determine the cause of malfunction of the reader, only need to perform certain actions. If the problem was software, it would be easy to fix. But if damage is already in the device, to repair such a reader is not always appropriate.

Checking card reader

So, if the reader just a couple of minutes ago worked perfectly, but now not functioning, you need to start diagnostics with the software. To do this, go to menu "start", then find the item "control Panel" and select "device Manager". Alternatively, you can call the context menu on the icon "My computer", go to its properties and select the same item "device Manager".

Then you need to find a group of "USB Controllers" and verify that there are no warning signs (e.g., exclamation point within a yellow triangle). If such sign is, then you need to reinstall the driver for the motherboard. Usually the drivers are included on the CD-ROM that comes with your computer/laptop. If there is no disc – you can download drivers from official website manufacturer.

It is also advisable to reinstall the software and card reader. After removal of the drivers you need to clean the system using special software and only then start the installation. Sometimes drivers for card readers can be built into the operating system, and as soon as the system recognizes the device, it will automatically install the driver for it.

Sometimes the reason that does not work the card reader may be a misconfiguration in the BIOS. They can be hit by a virus or inexperienced user. To go to BIOS, boot the system several times, press the "Delete" button. Then you need to find the item "Load optimized defaults" and press Enter. The next question you need to answer "Yes". To save the changes and exit the BIOS, press the F10, on another emerging issue is also need to answer "Yes". Then the computer reboots and the card reader should work.

Hardware failure

If the device still is not working, perhaps there was a breakdown at the hardware level. You will need to open the system unit, disconnect the card reader and to examine it carefully. As a rule, not all versed in such devices, so it is best to refer the reader to the service center, and there already to look at the situation is to repair it or buy a new one.