You will need
  • the archive with the correct version of the firmware.
Recovery car GPS navigators can be done in two ways: by loading the new firmware and without flashing, through a simple SOFT-Reset. As for the first method, everything is more or less clear, as the flashing of the Navigator is the same as flashing an ordinary cell phone, smartphone or Communicator. To do this you need to download from Internet to computer files with the right firmware version and extract it with the help of razarhivatory.
After that you must extract from the Navigator the MicroSDmemory card, insert it into the card reader and copy to the root directory of the downloaded file with the firmware. You then remove the card from the device and insert it back into the GPS.
Now we need to turn the device on and wait for the dialog box asks whether you want to start flashing. After your approval will start flashing your car "friend". Upon completion of the installation press the "OK" button, then on the screen a window will appear with further instructions and guidance. The restoration of the Navigator to be completed.
Software reset the Navigator to factory settings, which were the Navigator was originally called SOFT-Reset. To restore GPS Navigator so you need to go to ResidentFlash, and then in JBSA4UI where the files jbssetting.ini and jbssetting.ini.bak in the string DefaultSetting=0 change "0" to "1".
After that, restart the browser and go to the folder "Settings" - "info". At the bottom you will see 3 icons: "USB Settings", "Path navigation" and Werkseins..., the last of which is SOFT-Reset, ie return to factory settings. Click on it. After this message displays: "are you sure You want to restore factory settings?". Click "Yes". After some time, will return to the original settings, therefore, your device will be restored.