It should be noted that upon detection of the characteristic symptoms of urethritis should immediately contact a specialist to complete the necessary research and appropriate treatment. The main task at the initial stage of therapy is to identify the main causes of this disease, as well as the elimination of this infection. The fact that removing only the symptoms of the disease will have a positive result. Because urethritis is considered to be a consequence of the occurrence in the body diseases of infectious nature, such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, thrush, trichomoniasis.

In order to deal directly with the sources of inflammation of the urethra use of drugs of different spectrum. To destroy the infection in the obligatory order are appointed Antibacterials. In the presence of non-specific urethritis is recommended the use of cephalosporins with a broad spectrum of action: "Ceftriaxone", "Ciprofloxacin", "Cefixime", "Cefazolin", "Cefotaxime". Besides, a doctor can be assigned a macrolide antibiotics such as Erythromycin", "Clarithromycin", Azithromycin". The advantage of these drugs is the high ability to penetrate into the tissue, eliminating the infection.

In the case of gonorrheal urethritis medical therapy is carried out following antibacterial agents: "Oletetrin", "Spectinomycin", "Doxycycline", "Spiramycin". Such medicines affect most pathogens, greatly facilitating the patient's condition in the first hours of use. In the treatment of Trichomonas urethritis as a rule, antibiotics are used, having the title: "Metronidazole", "Tinidazole", "Natamycin", "Miramistin". In addition to antibacterial therapy in the treatment of this disease, you need to use antihistamine medications such as "Tavegil", "Zyrtec", "Suprastin", as well as immune-boosting medicines to help restore the natural microflora of the urogenital system: "Acyclovir", "Ribavirin", "Cycloferon".

What are the symptoms of urethritis

As a rule, the appearance of urethritis is accompanied by the following symptoms: itching and other unpleasant sensations that occur during urination; periodic and aching pain directly at the pubic area. In addition, men may experience impaired urination, considerable expectoration, urine, until its delay. In addition, the possible presence of purulent discharge from the urethra and blood admixtures in the urine. Despite the fact that urethritis is considered an inflammatory disease, it is not accompanied by deterioration of General condition of the patient. Therefore, the temperature of the body, mostly never increases. In case of transfer of urethritis in the chronic form the symptoms subside, but can be renewed periodically.

Preventive measures in the fight against cancer

Prevention of urethritis includes the observance of certain rules. Since this disease is transmitted mainly sexually transmitted, it is necessary to understand sexual relations, use of reliable means of protection such as a condom. In addition, it is very important to observe the personal hygiene of the external genitalia. It is useful to use a special vitamin complexes that support the immune system at a high level. In addition, it should be avoided hypothermia and eat right, eliminating salty, fatty and smoked food. Also, the key preventive factor is regular visits to the doctor's office. Because not timely discovered the disease can become chronic, which can eventually cause serious complications.