Advice 1: How to drink "Martini extra dry"

"Martini extra dry" is dry, but without the bitter taste of vermouth is pale in color. It has a fresh fruity aroma with notes of lemon, raspberry and hints of toffee. The drink is famous for its unique taste. Sugar in it, only 2.8% instead of the usual 16% and the alcohol content is two degrees more than other vermouths.
How to drink "Martini extra dry"
"Martini extra dry" can be used in pure form, adding a bit of water or ice. Professional tasters believe that the taste of the vermouth is revealed more fully.
Before serving soak the bottle in a cool place. It is better to drink a Martini, chilled to 10-15 degrees. Too cold or warm drink loses its fine flavor.
Pure "Martini extra dry", it is customary to pour into highball glasses. For cocktails is better to use the famous "triangular" glass.
This exquisite alcoholic drink drink slowly in small SIPS, trying to taste its constituent herbs and spices.
"Martini extra dry" are creating all kinds of cocktails. As a basis we can take almost any recipe. Dry vermouth goes well, all that mixed with the other varieties. The result is a cocktail with a higher degree. Boldly mixes vermouth and white rum, whisky or gin. "Martini extra dry" are good Patriotic drinks like vodka and cognac.
In our country cocktails Martini prefer to do with the juice. In Western countries, the dry vermouth is just one of the constituents of alcoholic drinks. As example, the Trinity cocktail: 20 ml Martini Extra Dry 20 ml Martini Rosso 20ml gin.
As a snack with a Martini using solid mild cheese, salty crackers and nuts. Dry vermouth often drink with green olives, skewered on a skewer and dipped into the drink. Classic appetizer for a dry Martini – lemon. It can also be served cut into pieces the fruit.

Advice 2: What is better to drink a Martini

Martini – the drink that conquered the entire world, since almost no decent party can't do without a good sweet vermouth. There is a list of rules of combination Martini with other ingredients that will help you get the greatest pleasure from its taste.
What is better to drink a Martini

What is better to drink a Martini: ingredients list

The company decided to serve a Martini with olives, lemon slices, fresh fruits, berries and even onions. However, it should be clarified that the right choice of ingredients depends on the type of Martini.
Martini Extra Dry is one of the strongest vermouth with a hint of lemon, raspberry and toffee. As "Bianco", it is part of many cocktails.

For example, if you have a Martini "Bianco" (white vermouth with a mild bitter vanilla flavor), add strung on a skewer an olive or a lemon. To reduce the degree of alcoholic beverage can put in a glass a few ice cubes or a couple of slices of fresh fruit. A great option would be cherry, strawberry, pineapple or kiwi. "Bianco" goes well with soda and tonic. In addition, this kind of Martini he is one of the ingredients to various cocktails.

If you prefer a Martini Rosso (bright red vermouth sweet-bitter taste) can be mixed with orange or cherry juice. After adding it, the taste of this drink is fresh and soft. It is recommended to use a ratio of 2:1 i.e. 2 parts Martini, 1 part juice.
Martini "Rosato" (pink vermouth with a bitter-spicy taste) recommend the use of no additives, except for a couple of pieces of ice.

For lovers to experiment a great option would be a Martini with the addition of onions. To do this, put in a glass with a drink, 1 slice of onion and give a little time to infuse. Note that this ingredient is designed for the Amateur and the taste is not like all, but for a change should try this combination.

Also, regardless of the kind of Martini you can cook a classic cocktail of James bond Shaken not stirred ("Shaken, not stirred"). To do this, simply connect a vodka Martini in the ratio of 1:1 and go for the next adventure!

Terms of use Martini

Under Martini necessarily need special glasses. Externally they are characterized by a long stem and a conical shape. If you do not have at hand of the Cup, you can take a low quadrangular Cup, but in any case, not a stack or a glass, it is bad manners.

The perfect temperature Martini before use is 10-15°. To cool this drink you can use ice. Pure Martini should be drunk slowly in small SIPS, and the cocktails better through a straw.

To drink a Martini should in moderation, in good company and in good spirits, otherwise he will not give you special pleasure. Remember that to drink alcohol properly.

Advice 3: Cocktail recipes with Martini Bianco

Martini Bianco (Martini Bianco) sweet aromatic vermouth made from white wine, herbs and spices. He seemed especially invented to serve as the basis for a bright and delicious cocktails.
Martini is the most famous vermouth
Martini Bianco is perhaps the most famous and most beloved (especially by women) vermouth in the world. He is good and pure, and as a basis in a variety of cocktails. Martini Bianco is so versatile and is so in harmony with the different components of the cocktail recipes from the famous white vermouth – hundreds, if not thousands.

Martini tonic

To prepare the cocktail is very easy. You will need a tall cylindrical glass-gagball, about 200 g of ice, a slice of lemon, 50 ml Martini Bianco ml and 150 classic tonic "Schweppes". All you need to do is fill the glass with ice to the top, pour a Martini and tonic, and then apply the drink and garnish glass with lemon wedge.

Martini with orange juice

Martini Bianco goes well with fruit juices. Prepare a delicious cocktail based on Martini Bianco by 150 ml of orange juice (not nectar!) and 50 ml of vermouth. Need to do the following: fill the glass-gagball ice, pour into it the vermouth and orange juice, stir and serve with a straw. Glass can be decorated with orange chips.

"Bianco Sunrise"

Charming light and bright cocktail is obtained on the basis of white vermouth and a mixture of fruit juices. To prepare it you need to take a glass of gagball and to the top to fill with ice. Then a glass to pour 50 ml Martini Bianco and 75 ml of orange juice and cranberry juice. Now drink you must stir and then serve with a straw and garnish the glass with a slice of orange.

"Brain explosion"

This impressive and insanely delicious cocktail is easy to prepare those who already have some experience in the cocktail area. Most importantly - when it is cooking to make sure the layers drops do not mix, and vodka neatly formed the top transparent layer. Otherwise the visual effect will not be achieved.

For a cocktail you will need 50 gram stack-shot, any 15 ml vodka, 10 ml Irish Cream liqueur "Baileys"), 20 ml white vermouth Martini Bianco 5ml syrup "grenadine". In addition, you will need a cocktail spoon and a straw. First, you need to pour in a stack of Martini Bianco and then gently, literally drop by drop pour the liqueur "Baileys". In a Martini liqueur rolled in drops and actually begins superficially resemble the brain. For "bloody" effect of the cocktail (again with the help of the tube) is added grenadine syrup. The final touch is vodka. It should be very gently lay cocktail with a spoon or knife, pour on the top layer.

Advice 4: What is the difference between Martini bianco, rosato and rosso

Martini was one of the most famous beverages not only in Russia but throughout the world. In fact, Martini is the quality and not the cheapest vermouth. Special popularity, this drink has gained in women.
What is the difference between Martini bianco, rosato and rosso
Vermouth is a wine that is diluted with alcohol and sugar. It added extracts of various plants, is a necessary component of wormwood. The composition of the Martini is kept secret, however it is known that all the additives in it are of plant, of natural origin. Interestingly, the basis of all types of Martini is white wine, so red and pink drinks are tint substance. In plain white Martini, of course, no dyes no.
Vermouth is quite simple. The basis is sustained for a short time white wine, then add plant extracts in the form of tinctures or spirits, sugar and alcohol. The mixture may still for some time to withstand, after which it was filtered and distributed into bottles and sell.
Martini Rosso is the first vermouth, which made the Martini distillery. He was promoted in 1863. This drink has a bitter taste and rich aroma. Martini Rosso is perfectly balanced, the wine and herbs complement each other. With caramel caramel this kind Martini provides an intense dark amber color. Martini Rosso can be used in pure form and in a variety of cocktails. It is believed that the taste of the drink is revealed in combination with citrus.
Martini Bianco — the drink is light, slightly yellowish, it has a very pleasant aroma in which hints of vanilla. The taste of this Martini is much softer than the taste of Rosso. Martini Bianco launched in 1910. This kind of drink is for women, thanks to the fine taste. White Martini is most often consumed in its pure form, sometimes supplementing it with lemonade, tonic or soda. Without a doubt it Martini Bianco at the moment, is the most popular vermouth Martini.
Martini Rosato is different from other types of this drink is the fact that its production uses not only white, but also red wine. It begins only in 1980. Martini Rosato drink a soft pink color, the taste of which you can feel notes of cinnamon and cloves. He, like white Martini, drink in its pure form, but due to the thin characteristic taste it is quite often used in complex cocktails.
Useful advice
Before serving the Martini you need a good cooling to about ten to twelve degrees. In pure form, these drinks are served in heavy square glasses of whiskey with ice cubes and slices of lemon.
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