"Martini extra dry" can be used in pure form, adding a bit of water or ice. Professional tasters believe that the taste of the vermouth is revealed more fully.
Before serving soak the bottle in a cool place. It is better to drink a Martini, chilled to 10-15 degrees. Too cold or warm drink loses its fine flavor.
Pure "Martini extra dry", it is customary to pour into highball glasses. For cocktails is better to use the famous "triangular" glass.
This exquisite alcoholic drink drink slowly in small SIPS, trying to taste its constituent herbs and spices.
"Martini extra dry" are creating all kinds of cocktails. As a basis we can take almost any recipe. Dry vermouth goes well, all that mixed with the other varieties. The result is a cocktail with a higher degree. Boldly mixes vermouth and white rum, whisky or gin. "Martini extra dry" are good Patriotic drinks like vodka and cognac.
In our country cocktails Martini prefer to do with the juice. In Western countries, the dry vermouth is just one of the constituents of alcoholic drinks. As example, the Trinity cocktail: 20 ml Martini Extra Dry 20 ml Martini Rosso 20ml gin.
As a snack with a Martini using solid mild cheese, salty crackers and nuts. Dry vermouth often drink with green olives, skewered on a skewer and dipped into the drink. Classic appetizer for a dry Martini – lemon. It can also be served cut into pieces the fruit.