The simplest way to listen to AMR file if it is sent by e-mail is to copy it to your mobile phone. You can use Bluetooth, WiFi, data cable, card reader (if the device has a removable memory card). And if you have unlimited phone access to the Internet, send the file to yourself by mail and download the phone (or open your mailbox from your phone and download the attachment to a message sent to you earlier). Also to listen to the file you need pocket digital recorder supports the AMR format.
Put it on your computer at least one of the following programs: Audacity with FFMpeg installed and library to work with AMR format, QuickTime AMR Player, MPlayer, RealPlayer, VLC Media Player. Many of them are available for Linux. With their help, you will be able to listen to AMR files directly.
In the absence of programs that allows you to listen to AMR files, go to the following страницу:
Click the Browse button and select your file. Input field Format, select the Adaptive Multi-Rate Audio File (.amr) (in the Audio), and the Output Format - MPEG-3 Audio File (.mp3) or OGG Audio File (.ogg).
Click the Convert button, wait for the conversion file, and then download it. To listen it can be any player that supports the appropriate format (MP3 or OGG). Suit and MP3-player pocket, if you overwrite the file on it (depending on the model, it can support either the first format or both).
If the file is incompatible with said Converter, go to one of the following pages: of them allows to convert AMR file into MP3 format, the second format OGG. To use any of these converters, press the "Browse" button, select the file, and then optionally adjust the bitrate field, Change audio bitrate, then click Convert file. Wait for the conversion and download the file.