Not too active sex life affects the well-being, often causing fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and in some cases exacerbation of chronic diseases and reduced immunity. However, it should be noted that an excess of sex is rarely useful, since sexual marathons, the human body is subjected to serious stress and Deplete it. We can say that women and men have as much sex as they want, if this process gives pleasure and has no negative impact on the body.

Sexologists believe that the optimal number of sex acts per week, from 2 to 5. They emphasize that 2 times is enough to provide the body with everything that it gets from sex. However, you don't have to follow some schedule if it seems you are not too comfortable, do not worry, if you and partner get to make love less frequently 3-4 times per week. The rhythm of modern life is exhausting, so sometimes it is just not up to sex. It is not necessary to keep score, meticulously recording how many times you get to make love this week, because different pairs have different rules.

Saturation and regularity of a sexual life depends on the age of the partners, their temperament, lifestyle and habits. Some people do not have a high sexual activity, they should not strive for records, much better to find someone with the appropriate temperament, so on this basis they did not have disagreements.

Over time, the level and intensity of sexual desire in men decreases. This is because as they get older they have reduced the level of testosterone is the sexual hormone which is directly linked to libido. In this case, it is very important not to panic or to look for a cure for impotence, usually a decrease in sexual activity is fairly slow, so that men "remain in service" to a ripe old age.

In some cases, the regularity of sexual life may be affected after the establishment of family life a young couple. Initially, both partners want to have sex as long as possible, and then as lapping each other, adjust to the habits of the second half, the level of sexual desire decreases, the relationship becomes routine. As a result, it starts to break down because the stress and negativity accumulated without discharge, which can be sex. To avoid such a negative scenario, it is enough sometimes to pull yourself and your partner from the routine, to arrange a romantic date, do crazy things. This is the best way affect the quality and intensity of sex life as a couple.