Advice 1: What happens if you don't register with the draft Board at 16

Non-fulfilment of obligations on military accounting is the basis for attraction of the guilty citizen to administrative responsibility. However, the amount of the specified liability is negligible, and the process of engaging in practice extremely rare.
What happens if you don't register with the draft Board at 16
The law on military duty stipulates a special procedure for the initial military registration, which is obligatory for all male citizens who have reached 16 years of age. In fact, these activities are implemented per year achieve future recruits of the 17th anniversary, but the period for their implementation is limited to the first three months of this year, so in most cases the military cause 16-year-old citizens. Initial registration is carried out by analogy with recruitment events, so the citizens called for its passage on the agenda of the military Commissioner. Most often these subpoenas are sent to the administration of educational institutions entrusted with the duty to assist this procedure.

Liability for refusal of registration

Breach of duty in the field of military registration shall entail the imposition of administrative punishment to the citizen who has committed the said violation. Responsibility for it is established in the form of a fine, the amount of which may range from one hundred to five hundred roubles. An alternative form of punishment is a warning, which is recorded in the relevant resolution, is declared a citizen verbally. However, the aforementioned violation will be considered committed only when the future conscript absent a valid reason for absenteeism on the agenda of the military Commissioner in the prescribed period. For example, a valid reason precluding the prosecution is confirmed by the disease of a citizen during the relevant period.

Difficulties in the prosecution of

Describes the administrative rule providing for a prosecution for neglect of duty on the military registration, the practice has been relatively neglected. Military commissariats are not interested in assigning appropriate punishment, since dodging 16-year-old citizen of the turnout does not mean the impossibility of conscription for military service in the future. In addition, there are numerous difficulties associated with proving the offence. So, the agenda about the necessity of appearance in a military Commissariat should be given to the person, under his painting, which is done not always. In addition, violators in this case are minors, so the real administrative punishment in the form of a penalty is assigned infrequently.

Advice 2: How to stand up for military service

According to Russian law, military accounting of citizens is made by the military commissariats at the place of residence. Often there are questions regarding the statement on the military account and removal from military accountingand the citizens that could be called up for military service.
How to stand up for military service
If you fall under the military account, are obliged to rise on account of the place of residence or place of stay in the military Commissariat or in local authorities in areas where military offices there. Military account is carried out at the place of stay, if the term exceeds three months.
Before statement on the military account in the change of residence don't forget to withdraw from the accountand if the change of residence is for more than 3 months. It is necessary to come to the military Commissariat at the current place of stay, passport and certificate of registration. Removal from the military accountand citizens liable for military service, made a written statement which must specify the reason for withdrawal and a new address of residence (temporary stay).
If we are talking about temporary registration, the registration records at the place of stay is made without cancelling the accountand at the place of permanent residence.
When the change of residence within one municipality will notify the draft Board of his new place of residence within two weeks.
For the implementation of statement and removal from military accountingand you are to report to the military Commissariat in person. Keep with you your passport, registration certificate, certificate of registration. In addition, when removed from the accountand create a written statement indicating the reasons for such withdrawal.
Statement on accounting and removal from it are at any time of the year and are not associated with a challenging period. If the requirements for military recordsfrom the guilty shall be brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a warning or a fine.
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