Phones with two SIM-cards appeared on the Russian market not so long ago – just a few years ago, but has already gained popularity among users. And the reasons for this are many.
Trying to connect 2 SIM cards in the native camera were long. At first it was carried out by means of a special adapter which is inserted into the apparatus. However, this SIM card worked intermittently.

What's the advantage of choosing such a phone

The advantages of the devices with two SIM cards quite a lot. One of them, which can be classified as main - the ability to use cards of different operators. And not necessarily that it was a personal and a corporate SIM. Many subscribers use SIM cards of different operators, to save on calls.

Also this phone will be useful in situations where one account they ran out of money and need very urgently to call and no way to replenish the balance.
You can often hear the myth that a phone with 2 SIM cards radiates 2 times more waves. Actually nothing to do with the truth of such conjectures have not. What cards in the slot more, the phone becomes more aggressive.

How to choose a reliable mobile phone with 2 SIM

First and foremost, remember that reliable a phone for 2 SIM cards can cost 100 rubles and 200 can not. For the money you will get cheap Chinese fakes that will last you a month, tops. Better to pay attention to the models of the popular manufacturers, which are now in the stores quite a lot. Their version of dual-SIM phones offer Samsung, LG, Nokia, and others.

Again, you need to focus on price and freshness model. The newer the model, the more reliable development. After all, those who are working to create a device, take into account previous mistakes and experiences and make the necessary corrections.

In a secure device the SIM card must be placed compactly and do not interfere with each other. Of course, on this basis does not mean that the phone is with 2 SIM cards have to be huge and looks like a small tablet.

A reliable apparatus of this kind can be called the phone that quickly switches from one SIM to another without requiring reboots and recharges.

The unit itself must be strong: slot move well, not lax, the seam is not at odds, etc. otherwise, changing SIM cards, or constantly using it, you will not be able to enjoy intercourse. This model just fall apart in your hands.

How can I replace

If you are afraid to buy the phone on 2 SIM cards, can find another way out and use Multisim. This is a special card, which is quite simple to manufacture. Using computer technology, one chip transfers the data from several cards. And when you reboot your phone will only need to select a number to perform a particular task.