First we need to choose the place of purchase. Of course, it is better to buy the phone in large and well-known salon. In these stores you will be offered a range of devices from different manufacturers, professional consultants will help you choose the right model, and if necessary to return the product you will be much easier.
Next, pay attention to the form and functions of the phone. It will all depend on your tastes and preferences – or it is a classic candybar or a folding model, or a slider. The most practical and reliable are the monoblocks, but the other forms also are not inferior in reliability. As for the functionality, then you need to decide what you need the phone. If you use the machine only for calls, a variety of extra features you hardly need. And those who cannot imagine their lives without Internet, text and graphic editors, you can choose multimedia smartphones.
An important role when buying a phone can play and the size of the screen. Because of the phone, Packed with many multimedia functions, large display size just need. But sometimes with a high resolution screen size plays a big role. Therefore, consult with the seller, what is the resolution from select phone.
The most important part of the phone is the battery. Therefore, when choosing a unit, pay attention to the type and capacity of the battery. At the time of operation of the mobile affects the power consumption of the phone and how active you are going to use it. Almost all modern phones use Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries, which are quite long.
Almost all modern devices are equipped with photo and video cameras. Amateur photos will suit you perfectly camera of 3 megapixels. The phones support video created as entertainment.
Ask when you buy and the ability to expand phone memory by using micro-CD. So, depending on the amount of memory flash cards, you can store all your data and carry them.