Syphilis is an infectious disease that is sexually transmitted, affects the nervous system and internal organs. Perhaps the complete purification of the organism from pathogen ─ Treponema pallidum, the syphilis is curable. But if the body already has irreversible changes, modern medicine can offer only the methods of their compensation.

The ability to effectively treat syphilis appeared relatively recently. In 1943, when he received the first synthetic penicillin, the "French disease" has receded. Before that for many centuries the treatment of syphilis was ineffective, and doctors refused to help patients with shameless disease. Surprisingly, Treponema pallidum is still not lost susceptibility to the simplest antibiotic, and syphilis can be successfully treated with penicillin drugs. To drugs from the group of erythromycin resorted to only in case of Allergy to penicillin.

A single scheme ─ the key to the effectiveness

In the treatment of syphilis, the physician is guided by official regulations approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. This approach provides high efficiency, uniform circuits allow the patient to continue treatment in any city in the country. Early forms of syphilis are treated on an outpatient basis, which is convenient for the patient. Late forms of syphilis in pregnant women, children and patients who cannot afford the medications are treated in hospital. Care for patients with sexually transmitted diseases, including stationary, turns out to be without having medical insurance throughout the country, irrespective of ' permanent registration.

After the first dose of the drug the patient is recommended to spend some time in hospital, as due to the mass death of treponemes may increase the temperature and symptoms of intoxication. After a few hours the patient's condition is normalized, and subsequent injection of such a reaction is rare.

Necessary to maintain regularity of injection, as it is maintaining the desired concentration of the antibiotic in the blood. If a patient misses an injection, the body begin to form L-forms of Treponema, which are resistant to the antibiotic. The treatment regimen is necessary to change, in such patients often observed seropositivity, that is, the presence of a certain number of L-forms of Treponema, which can potentially be dangerous.

There are antibiotics of prolonged action, injection which can be done less frequently. But these injections are more painful, more likely to cause discomfort, and treatment costs more. The purpose of such drugs is warranted if the patient cannot visit the doctor more than once a week.

If during the year after treatment, the Wassermann reaction remains positive with no tendency to change, the patient is shown a second course of antibiotic therapy and additional restorative therapy. When resistant seropositivity and in the absence of other symptoms, for example, syphilis in sexual partners, the patient is taken to dispensary registration, he is healthy, but he needs to see a doctor.

Preventive treatment and treatment of pregnant women

Preventive treatment is called a warning. His appoint patients whose risk of disease is very high during the year after treatment patients donate blood on a quarterly basis. Pregnant women carry a full treatment even if the diagnosis results are questionable or there is at least one analysis that confirms syphilis.


Positivity remains often entire life due to the presence in the body L-forms of Treponema. This leads to self-medication, accidental ingestion of small doses of antibiotics (for example, in the treatment of SARS in the period of undiagnosed syphilis), noncompliance with treatment regimens, poor nutrition and total depletion in the period of treatment. False positive results may indicate other infectious diseases. Often it is observed at illnesses of a liver and tuberculosis.

Some private medical centres by anonymous treatment of syphilis. In STI clinics the treatment of syphilis is carried out only in the presence of the card. On the certificate, the disease is not specified, the employer is not notified and the contact persons are invited without notice to the names that. Syphilis from family members to hide much more difficult, but the doctors are taking maximum effort to keep the family together.