Exercise 1. For this exercise you need to stay comfortably and completely relax. Then all the details imagine that someone tickles you. If you're afraid of tickling, when one thought about it on the skin you can appear goosebumps. As soon as they appear, you need to imagine something else, something pleasant for you. Once again the details imagine you are tickled. This exercise should be repeated for several days until, until you notice that tingling ceased to act.
Exercise 2. Ask someone from relatives to you people to put on the most "sensitive" place hand. Thus tickle don't need a hand just to put a few minutes to hold. Once you feel the reflex to the tickling, try to force yourself to relax. Try to switch your feelings on warmth, heaviness, roughness of hands.
Exercise 3. Now feel free to ask somebody from the family to tickle you. Should be feel every touch. Relax, deep breaths, and most importantly - inspire yourself, that tickling is no longer scary to you.
Exercise 4. For this exercise, you will need to purchase a special device, shown in the picture. This massager makes people goose bumps. It can be used for the head, joints, back or heels. Ask someone close to you tickle them. If you successfully pass the test this massager, tickling you just do not worry.
How to stop being afraid <strong>tickling</strong>