PDF files

Acrobat Reader is a popular program for reading PDF from the flagship IT from Adobe. To use the Acrobat Reader is easy and convenient, download the app is completely free for all existing mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 8.

After installing Acrobat Reader on the tablet all PDF files will automatically open with acrobat". If you need to read the books in the "office" in doc format on your tablet, it does not matter - they are without quality losses are converted to PDF in the Microsoft Word.

Mobi FB2, ePub

Tablets - not the most comfortable device for reading books. Books "electronic ink" E-Ink display allows the eye to take it easy when reading. In addition, these devices keep a reserve battery (up to 1 month without recharging). Buying e-books for reading could be your profitable investment in their development and health.

There is another side of the coin: many e-books available in specialized formats. Amazon Kindle supports the mobi format ebooks Sony Reader epub, the majority of Russian "e-readers" using the fb2 format.

If you want to read on your tablet a book in a specific format, you must install a reader that supports this format. Popular readings of many "book" formats Cool Reader and Moon Reader work on iOS and Android. An alternative way may be to convert e-books to PDF on a computer (e.g., program Calibre).

Paid services

There are dozens of pay-book services. Working with them is relatively simple - you need to install the application for free and to pay regularly the subscription fee. In return, you get access to a huge repository of books in digital format. Service BookMag offers users of tablets on iOS and Android for a modest amount of 199 rubles per month access to tens of thousands of high-quality books.

Electronic library

Library of St.-Petersburg and Moscow cooperate with the popular online store "Litres". Anyone can come to the library to get a library card and "check out" 5-10 paid books for 1 month absolutely free. He will be given access to download the file to the tablet (you need to pre-download from the site "Litres" client to read). To register in the library you will need to present a passport.