Advice 1: Is it possible for a tablet to install word and excel

Modern tablets are capable of a wide range of tasks. For example, devices compatible with most office formats and is able not only to start DOC files and. XLS for viewing, but also to carry out full editing environment for portable devices, Microsoft Word and Excel.
Is it possible for a tablet to install word and excel


Device iPad run Word and Excel right on the screen of the device. To run them, enough to install them by using AppStore or iTunes.

Unlock your iPad when you press the corresponding button on the device. Then launch the AppStore and enter the query Word in the top right of the screen. Press Enter and the results list, select the desired program. Click the "Download" button and wait for download and install the software on the device. The same operation you can do with Excel. To do this, go back to AppStore and in the search bar, type the query to Microsoft Excel. Download the appropriate program.

Similarly, you can install the app on the tablet using iTunes. To do this, connect the device to the computer via the USB cable that came in one package when you purchase. Wait until you see the iTunes and then hit "Shop" and enter the query Word. Select the result and click "Install". Then download Microsoft Excel.

Despite the shareware Word and Excel for iPad to create documents you'll need to purchase a paid license to use the program. To just for free to view office documents, you'll need to subscribe to Office 365 services.

Windows 8

Tablet devices based on Windows 8 platform supports the opening and viewing documents in full versions of Microsoft Office 2013. On modern tablets preinstalled with Windows 8 you are installing the right package Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. Thus, to run Word and Excel on your tablet, you do not need to install additional software – just use the appropriate shortcut in the Metro interface or the desktop.


For the Android operating system does not exist original versions of Microsoft Word and Excel. The use of these programs on tablets with this operating system is not possible. However, for Android there is a fairly alternative means edit documents. For example, the Office application Suite Pro has all necessary functionality not only for viewing but also for creating documents in Word and Excel formats.

Advice 2: How to set date and time on iPad

The presence of clocks on the displays of electronic gadgets became commonplace. If you have a smartphone or electronic players, and you often use it, you don't have to wear a wrist watch. Enough to pay attention to the screen of your device. Among such electronic devices has products Apple – iPad in particular.
How to set date and time on iPad
You will need
  • ipad;
  • - knowledge of the current or desired date.
To get started, click the Home button to get to the main screens.
Swipe through them until you find the icon that says "Settings". Run the setup program by clicking on it.
A new window will open, allowing you to access your device's settings. Please read it, and find "General". Activate it by pressing.
Now you need to select the "date and time". To do this you also need by clicking on it. On the iPad screen you should see a window with information about the current actual date and time.
Briefly press on the touchscreen in the area of date. You will see a menu carousel with the months from January to December and the numbers that correspond to dates. Promatyvaya menu, select the desired month and date. Then to activate the changed date, click on any empty area of the screen. You can also go directly to time settings, activate this function by a short press on the date. Pressing the right button after you change the current date will revert to the previous value.
When you click on the burning on the screen the date you will get the opportunity to set 12 hour or 24 hour format date, and set daylight saving time and back. However, this is not recommended due to the errors that occur.
Locate the "Set date and time" and click on it. With the carousel menu, select the desired time.
After setting the time tap the screen at any place. The actual time will change. Pressing the right button will restore the previous value.
Remember that changing the date and time can lead to the fact that the date of their creation (with time and date back) ahead of the current. It will not be a mistake.

Advice 3: How to unlock tablet

To protect your tablet against unauthorized access, it is necessary to set a password. But if the memory has failed you, and you can't remember what code put on the device, you will be interested in information on how to unlock the tablet.
How to unlock tablet

Despite the fact that the installation methods and standard graphical passwords on tablets of different methods of unlocking for devices with the Android operating system are very similar. There are only slight differences between working with tablets of different brands.

How to unlock the tablet Prestigio, Huawei, Texet, if forgot password

If you don't remember your graphic or a standard key to access the tablet, the easiest and painless way to unlock it is to restore access through google account. To do this, enter 5 times the wrong password, and in the appeared window - data from google mail. Don't forget that you should specify in the input field of the login only the email name without

If this method failed, you can reset the password, you can using return tablet to factory settings. Devices brands Texet, Prestigio and some other sequence of actions is a little different.

Turn off your tablet. Hit the power button and hold, press increase volume. To unlock the battery, push the button, remove the sound. After a few seconds you will see on the tablet screen screensaver Android and menu restore factory settings.

Buttons of sound control, navigate to "Wipe data/factory reset>Reboot system now".

The tablet will restart and it will work again without entering a password. However, the biggest drawback of this method of recovery is the loss of all user settings and data.

How to unlock a tablet Acer

On the tablet of this brand reset happens a little differently.

That unlock the device Acer, turn it off and slide the lock screen button to the left. Hold down the power button and adding sound. When you feel the vibration, lift your finger from the power button.

Hold down the volume button, move the key lock screen up until the screen of the tablet Acer you will not see the menu Erasing Cache. Volume control hold only after the program starts formatting the tablet.

How to unlock password on the tablet Explay

On devices from the company Explay, the volume buttons no. To reset settings, turn off the tablet. Click the rightmost button on the device (back key). Continuing to keep it, click once on the power button.

When you see the screen saver Android, hit the home button, and visiteuses menu, select reset user settings.

How to unlock a Samsung tablet

The Samsung unlock simpler than most other devices through a special app. To carry out the unlock password, connect your device to your computer using the included usb cable.

Run the utility Kies, go to settings and change the password.

If you use this method it is not possible or has not brought the necessary results, use the method of resetting to factory settings. To do hard rezet for Android-the Samsung tablet, press the volume up key, home button and power. Release mouse button pressed after the menu rekoveri. To control use the buttons to control the sound and press "home".

If unlock the tablet failed method reset, contact the service center of the manufacturer of your device.


Advice 4: What programs must be installed on the tablet

The tablet computer allows you to combine several advantages in one device: compactness, autonomy, opportunities for work and entertainment. In the vast world of apps for the tablet, you must find something suitable for your needs.
What programs must be installed on the tablet

The most necessary programs

Any user will need applications such as alarm clock, e-mail, Skype, browser, camera, maps, reader for books. If we talk about tablets from Apple, they installed most of these programs. You will only have to download Skype, Yandex.Card (or any other) and, for example, proprietary reader iBooks. You will then be able to receive and send email, enjoy video calls, browse web pages, read your favorite books and more.

In addition to these basic applications for daily work extremely useful Adobe Reader (for reading pdf documents), ABBYY FineReader (for making scans of documents), Yandex.Translator, Lingvo (for translation), Yandex.Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive (for cloud storage), and finally, applications for the use of the social networks – Facebook, VK, Twitter, etc.

Programs to work

If you prefer to use a tablet to perform work tasks on trips, at meetings, in the office, etc., pay attention to a set of applications and increase productivity. On the Ipad you can install the full Microsoft Office package and work with documents on the road. It also includes a lot of professional applications for video, photo and audio files: iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Adobe Photoshop Express and many others. Of course, you are unlikely to be able to work on a tablet as well as on the stationary computer, but to view or edit a particular file very conveniently and quickly right on your tablet. Programmers will appreciate the convenient code editors: DraftCode, Textastic, CodeToGo, etc.

Programs for education

Using your tablet you will be able to improve their knowledge in all areas. First of all, pay attention to iTunes U. It will allow you to subscribe and listen to lectures on various subjects from teachers of major world universities absolutely free of charge. The application LinguaLeo, Babel, Busuu will help in learning foreign languages. You will not just memorize words and grammar, but do it in a playful and fun way, noting your progress.

Programs for entertainment

Modern tablets provide a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the world of colorful games. In addition to the famous Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Minecraft, Minion Rush, you will be able to enjoy the game in high-quality simulations – Real Racing, Need for speed, Asphalt. Pay attention to the popular new puzzle, for example, Cut the Rope, Threes, Harmony.

Advice 5: Can the tablet Android edit Word

Tablet excellent companion for creative professionals and office workers. But to make the toy work tool need to installed on the tablet a number of useful programs, among which in the first place quality text editor.
Edit Word file on an Android tablet
Most popular tablet manufacturers app to open and read documents, including presentations and spreadsheets that are pre-installed. But to edit the file in such a standard program is often impossible. But special software that is installed from Google Play, allows you to turn the Android phones into a full-fledged mobile office.

Kingsoft Office: editing any electronic document on the tablet

This app is in the top of the popularity Google Play and he has several hundreds of thousands of fans. That, however, is not surprising. The program allows in a few steps to open office documents, including a scanned copy saved in PDF format, right on your tablet.

The only thing this app do not like Russian-speaking owners of tablet computers - the lack of support of the Russian language. Although the application interface is quite simple and intuitive.

QuickOffice from Google: virtual office for android

This app has much of the same functionality as the previous one, but he has a zest. QuickOffice can synchronize documents with Google Doc files, and for many is the determining factor in choosing mobile apps that work with word and excel documents.
Sync with Google Doc allows you to preserve documents even in case of loss or breakage of the tablet.

The functionality of the application is basic. Special features of word processing such as word for PC, QuickOffice no. But the fact that the program has enough to away from the computer no problem you can edit the document in any popular format and send it by opening access to the Google Doc or via e-mail. It is worth noting that without access to the Internet application also works perfectly.
Note that without Internet connection the documents are not synced to the server and save them to the memory of the tablet or on external media.

Out of office work will not stop if you have a tablet. In addition to the above applications that support editing files of electronic documents, there are about a dozen variations of free and paid programs. Therefore, if your tablet initially the editor is not installed, do not despair: take a look in Google Play and select from the range presented “helper” to your taste.

Advice 6: How to configure the tablet

Graphics tablet - something multifunctional and comfortable. He liked not only designers and artists, but also businessmen, students and all lovers of digital art. With it increases the quality and speed of work.
How to configure the tablet
To start working with the tablet, you need to connect it to the computer and install the driver. You can use the supplied driver or download from the Internet the latest version.
Tablet settings can be customized for different programs. Take, for example, photoshop. Open the control Panel (along with the selected application) and select the appropriate icon for the new device. Features includes the following tabs: Buttons to configure the buttons of the pencil), Basic parameters of tablet), Tracking Mode (selectable binding to the coordinate system), Test (test mode).
Functions for the left and right buttons of the tablet are set to your discretion, using the menu item "shortcut key". In the standard version it is Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Space, duplicated left and right. To change, you need to specify "name" (a convenient shortcut) button and it has the action. For example, basic functions: reusable undo (Ctrl+Alt+Z to hide-expand all panels (Tab), switching to "manual" mode ("gap"), duplicate the active layer (Ctrl+J), create a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N), open another application or pop-up menu (Pop-up Menu) or any other.
It makes sense to set the side touch strips, replacing, for example, arbitrary changes of scale in the touch on the function of motion up and down on the line or Undo / Redo.
Customizing the pop-up menu (used for the lack of "hot keys") and includes a list of elements available for selection and editing: curves, levels, brightness, brush, standard colors, switching colors, etc.
Securely saved file Wacom_Tablet.dat will be useful for recovering the received settings if a failure occurs in the system.
The settings of the tablet it is better to start with placing the pressure sensitivity in pencil (one for photoshop, or once for all applications, depending on tablet model). For this brush large diameter creates a test pattern and a comparison of the strength and thickness of the line is chosen your level of sensitivity, creates a personal touch. Further configured brush (numerical method or visual): their shape, continuity (smoothness), opacity (depending on the pressure) etc. Dynamics of changes is reflected in the window on the bottom. Novice users can leave the existing settings.

Disclosure of all the many possibilities of the tablet will happen along with the growth of your professionalism and creativity.
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