Device iPad run Word and Excel right on the screen of the device. To run them, enough to install them by using AppStore or iTunes.

Unlock your iPad when you press the corresponding button on the device. Then launch the AppStore and enter the query Word in the top right of the screen. Press Enter and the results list, select the desired program. Click the "Download" button and wait for download and install the software on the device. The same operation you can do with Excel. To do this, go back to AppStore and in the search bar, type the query to Microsoft Excel. Download the appropriate program.

Similarly, you can install the app on the tablet using iTunes. To do this, connect the device to the computer via the USB cable that came in one package when you purchase. Wait until you see the iTunes and then hit "Shop" and enter the query Word. Select the result and click "Install". Then download Microsoft Excel.

Despite the shareware Word and Excel for iPad to create documents you'll need to purchase a paid license to use the program. To just for free to view office documents, you'll need to subscribe to Office 365 services.

Windows 8

Tablet devices based on Windows 8 platform supports the opening and viewing documents in full versions of Microsoft Office 2013. On modern tablets preinstalled with Windows 8 you are installing the right package Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. Thus, to run Word and Excel on your tablet, you do not need to install additional software – just use the appropriate shortcut in the Metro interface or the desktop.


For the Android operating system does not exist original versions of Microsoft Word and Excel. The use of these programs on tablets with this operating system is not possible. However, for Android there is a fairly alternative means edit documents. For example, the Office application Suite Pro has all necessary functionality not only for viewing but also for creating documents in Word and Excel formats.