The particular Russian facial features. How to identify a Russian girl

Immediately it is worth to mention that some mandatory template "portrait" Russian beauty is not and can not be. Because the Russian ethnic group was formed many centuries and in different conditions. For example, people living in the North of Russia (Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, Pskov region) according to the genetic and anthropological characteristics are very close to peoples of Northern Europe. Therefore, girls North Russian type, usually blond. Many of them are not only the owners of light blonde hair and blondes. Eye color most of them grey or light green. Noses, usually slightly upturned (snub-nosed).

The behavior of the Northern Russian is characterized by calmness, deliberation. They are not prone to rapid expression of emotions, may seem stolid. It looks and behaves "average" North-Russian girl.
Of course, this General rule there are exceptions.

Resident of Central Russia, and especially the southern part, much more similar to representatives of other Slavic peoples – Ukrainian, Serb, Croat, Bulgarians, etc. many of them are girls with dark brown hair, and brunettes. Eye color can be anything: black, dark green, Karim. Therefore, the only person to distinguish a Russian woman from, for example, Ukrainian women are very difficult. Here it is necessary to consider other characteristics, not just appearance.

How to distinguish the Russian girl from the Ukrainian acting

In most cases a Russian girl behave in a calmer, more restrained than Ukrainian. Most Ukrainians are very emotional, direct in communication. They like a lot and talking loudly, gesticulating vigorously the while. Ukrainian women are very sociable, they normally did not embarrassed, immediately join in the conversation in any company, even a total stranger. Therefore, from the they may even seem too pushy, tactless.
In Ukrainian language there is even a saying about this: "One woman – a market, and two women – already fair".

Russian girls are usually more reserved and less sociable. Finally, Russian girls prefer to dress not so catchy as their Ukrainian girlfriends. They wear fewer ornaments and less use bright makeup. However from any rule there are exceptions. Among Russian people there are those who like to differ from others, for example, recolouring hair pink or dressing up in bright clothes. That is, in some cases, the nationality is not critical.