However, I wonder what was the appearance of the warlike and indomitable Rousseau? Sources that can tell you more about these features abound. Now you can try to highlight some of the generalized description of the appearance of ancient Slavs.
According to some sources, Russo was typical to wear jackets, a style which was similar to the upper clothes of the Bulgars and the Khazars. Adult men prefer wide trousers. For sewing each leg of this cut had 100 cubits consumable matter. Also in fashion was the wide gold chunky bracelets that are preferred to wear a strong half. The ancient Slavs wore hats from a genuine beast with the hanging in the neck of the tail.
If you take for example the external characteristic of the Russian–Scandinavian warriors, you can find the following facts: according to the testimony of one of the Hungarian monk Julian known that in the 11th century in Russia men have grown rich beard and a shaved bald head. However, this trend did not apply to know, which was limited by the fact that the sign of his title and origin were kept, as a rule, above the left ear, some hair, and the rest were disposed.
The chronology A. Sabanski also reports that the wearing of beards in Russia is connected with the introduction of Christianity, which encouraged this nuance.
Long hair for men in Russia was considered a sign of vagrancy and marginal. In General, the need to shave the bald head and beard, preserved among the Slavs from the beginning of the 10th century. For example, this is evidenced by the image of Perun, which was depicted in accordance with features of this fashion. So read the materials found in the annals. However, pictures depicting the deity, is clearly visible hanging down on one side of the forelock (Oseledets), which hangs in his left ear.
There is also a description of a certain Ibn–rust, which tells about the first impression when meeting with Rousseau. The witness interprets the perfection of the bodies of the Slavic men who like slender palm trees red ruddy. Their bodies are made and they are covered with various murals depicting trees branched (presumably this tattoo of the tree of Life).