Who are the Aryans

The term "Aryan race" comes from the word "Aria", which translated from the ancient Persian means "decent, respectable, noble". This pseudo-scientific term was promoted in the 19th century by authors who created racial theories. Subsequently, it was widely used by German national socialists.

Originally, the Aryan nation meant one of the subtypes of the Caucasian race, which is better known under the name "Nordic race". For the first time this term was used by Joseph Gobineau in 1855 year. In his book "essay on the inequality of human races" he described the Nordic subtype as members of the white race, blond and blue-eyed. In the same book, he argued that the "Nordic race" is the highest level of human development.

External signs of "Aryan race"

Representatives of the Nordic, and later the Aryan race had to meet certain physical parameters, that is, to possess a certain phenotype.

Racial standard appearance of the "true Aryans" popularized by the national socialists, was taken from the population of the Northern regions of Germany.

According to the ideology of the Nazis, all Aryans are tall, slim and their growth is an average of from 1.75 to 1.90 m. the Loin is approximately 52-53% of their total body height. Men have narrow hips and broad shoulders. At the top of the kneecap, they have a small thickness. In the Aryan female figure also dominated by dlinnoye settings. The woman-Aryan must be a narrow neck, arms, legs and hips, and she needs to be slim and lean. Both men and women arm span should be 94-97% of body length.

What about the skull, then the true representatives of the Aryan race it needs to be extended and with a convex head. The face of the Aryans narrow, with a small forehead, thin nose, slightly pointed chin and slightly arched eyebrows. In temples it is even more narrowed. Cheekbones Aryans are located practically vertically.

The skin should be thin and light. Its pinkish hue is due to translucent blood. On those sites where through the veins, the skin has a slightly bluish tint. It is believed that the skin of the Aryans is not harmful sun radiation. All members of the Aryan race have a thick light color hair, the shade of which varies from completely white to Golden. Men have a luxuriant beard.

The General physical condition of the true Aryans is rated as excellent.