After completion of the construction of the fence the question of its decoration, i.e. painting. Fences made of corrugated Board, generally do not need treatment. But the wooden, metal, or concrete fences made of sheets of slate necessary to cover with paint.

This treatment is not only aesthetic, but also protects material from the harmful effects of environment such as moisture, sunlight, etc. If the color of the coating depends on the willingness of the owner and the design of the site, the type of paint you need to choose in accordance with the structure of the material and climatic characteristics of the area.

Paint for wooden fence

For decorative fences from wood use two types of paint is translucent or ukrina. The first type of paint creates a thin coating, pattern and structure of the material will be visible after application. Ukrina will hide the wood surface, will create a smooth solid canvas fence.

Before applying any type of colorant, the wood surface must be thoroughly cleaned from dirt, grease and align the primer or putty. After complete drying, the surface is treated with sandpaper and soaked with antiseptic to avoid destruction of the material structure. And only after all this preliminary work to apply paint in one or several layers.

Metal fence

Metal – ideal for fencing, it is lightweight, strong and durable. But it has disadvantages – under the influence of moisture on the surface of formed pockets of rust and starts the process of decay and destruction. To prevent this you can use special paints for metal surfaces.

It is better to give preference to formulations based on oils or acrylic. Acrylic paints, unlike oil, create a more durable coating, better protect the material and provide more reliable protection from moisture. Wooden surface, metal requires pre-cleaning and anti-corrosion treatment compositions.

Concrete barriers

In spite of the massiveness and solidity, concrete barriers susceptible to damage more than metal and wood. Their porous structure allows to penetrate the moisture and contaminants that destroy it, so concrete fences are a must paint.

Coverage for such fence must be weather-resistant, retains color and is easy to clean. Paint for concrete can be smooth, are applied by conventional brush or roller, texture – for their application use sprayers.