A concrete fence is different from wood, primarily for its massiveness. Now a concrete fence, you can choose absolutely any shape and architecture. Due to the variety of choice there are many different methods of finishing such types of fences, allowing you to implement the most unusual fantasies in his design. One way to finish is painted concrete fence.

How to paint a concrete fence

When painting concrete fence must adhere to certain rules and recommendations. Then the painting of the fence will be high-quality and will delight the owners, guests and passers-by.

For staining of the fence, be sure to choose a day when on the street a lot of sunlight.

Before the actual process of painting the fence to be cleaned. Dust, debris and cobwebs can be easily removed with a broom. Sometimes it happens that the lower part of the fence has a very strong contamination. In this case, the area of the concrete fence should be washed. And also, be sure to wash the plaque from birds.

Usually a concrete fence painted using latex paint for exterior. It has no sharp odor. Before starting work, so the paint will dissolve in water. It is very easy to use.

Painting concrete fence begin only after on its surface one or two layers of acrylic primer.

The application of paint on a concrete fence going through a roller or brush. In some cases it is more convenient to use a spray. For optimum performance, it is desirable to have several brushes of different sizes.

The choice of color for concrete fence

One of the main issues when painting concrete fence is the choice of colors. It all depends on many factors. Because if, for example, on a site that is near the fence to grow flowers, bright colors concrete fence should be avoided. It's much more profitable to look the fence green. This color is the ideal backdrop for flowerbeds.

Good idea to use white color in any part of the fence. This will give the appearance of the fence tenderness and beauty. Designers also recommend to dye one color of the decorative concrete fence and the roof of the house. Thus, the whole plot will be made in the same style.

For a site with a modest and plain house, the ideal option would be a concrete fence of natural shades. Such colors include shades of clay, brick, peach color.