You will need
  • A grill pan, meat, vegetables, salt, spices, lemon and oil.
To cook on the grill pan various products. It can be: fish, vegetables, meat, poultry. The advantage of frying is that the oil it is possible to use a minimal amount or not used at all.
For cooking meat, it is desirable to take pieces of the same thickness and pre-marinate them. To ensure that meat has become tender, only two or three hours in lemon juice. The marinade can be different and depends on the taste preferences, salt and spices can be added directly to it or separately.
How to cook on the grill pan
When the meat is marinated, the pan must be well heated. Meals can be prepared in two ways, or directly to lubricate the surface of the pan with butter or a piece of product. As a grill pan, recipes for which are diverse, allows you to evenly warm up the meat, the crust it formed very quickly. Due to the ribbed surface crust on the meat is too ridged and very beautiful. That meat came until cooked uniformly at a small thickness of the piece, it is enough roasting for 10 minutes.
Vegetables are prepared faster in order to get ready a dish of eggplant or peppers, enough for 5-7 minutes.
How to cook on the grill pan