You will need
    • carcass of a lamb;
    • salt;
    • pepper;
    • oregano;
    • kefalotyri cheese;
    • pepper;
    • vegetable oil.
Take a whole lamb carcass weight at least 8 pounds. The choice of size depends on the number of people who will gather around the table. Clean sheep blood and wool. Cover any table with waterproof fabric and with an assistant, start to pass the spit through the carcass. If the special rotisserie you do not, use a long sturdy pole. Sink a spit near the back of the legs and push as close to the spine. Watch he came right in the middle of the head.
With pliers and thick wire fasten the legs and neck of a sheep on a spit. It is best if you additionally fix and even spine in several places. Clamp as tightly as possible, otherwise the spinning will only spit. Sheep on the spit, place upright in a large bowl. Leave overnight to drain excess liquid.
RUB inside of lamb with salt, pepper and oregano. Nafarshiruyte cheese kefalotyri and sew the abdominal cavity with twine. Make a few cuts on the back and legs of the sheep, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Prepared the carcass and wrap in several layers of oiled paper and tie with string.
Pre-build a fire. As soon as the coals become white, place them in a special tray. If the skewer you're using a pole, make a hole in the ground to a depth of about 40 centimeters, the edges of drive two spears and hang the pole so that the carcass on two feet towered over the coals. If you use a special skewer, place it together with a lamb on the top level of the brazier. Flatten the coals and turn the lamb very quickly within one hour, so it never burnt.
After one hour, move the spit below and continue rotating, but at a slower speed. 15 minutes before ready release the carcass from oiled paper. This will allow the lamb to brown and acquire a brownish crust.