Camping Breakfast should be both dense, hearty and delicious, because its task is to charge the tourists with energy until lunch. And cereal, will do the role better than anyone.

Best grits to prepare the night before. Taking essential for future the number of consumers, rinse it in water to remove bitterness. If you soak the millet overnight, in the morning porridge cooked twice as fast. The next morning mix in a pot the milk with pure water at a ratio of 1:1, stir in the millet (ratio of grains and liquid should be 1:6 because the millet when cooked increases in volume in 6 times), add sugar and salt to taste and set over a burning fire. Sure that the contents are not escaped. While stirring cook the oatmeal until completely cooked, this usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. Possible (and desired) can fill the porridge with butter or oil.

After millet porridge for Breakfast, you can offer to drink a glass of milk or cocoa. It's the drinks that have a high energy value, which is very important for the participants of the tour.


If the campaign is scheduled fishing, the first dining dish, no doubt, must be the ear. Fish gut, remove the gills, remove the scales (perch, carp, carp to the scales removed optional), rinse and dip in a pot of boiling salted water. If a lot of fish, cook it in batches, i.e. after the first batch is cooked, remove the fish and strain the broth, then cook it in the same second portion of fish, etc.

When the whole fish is cooked in the strained broth put peeled and cut potatoes, onions and carrots. Shortly before readiness add in soup Bay leaf and black pepper, and when the ear is fully ready and the kettle removed from the fire, crumble it finely chopped dill, green onions and other greens as desired. Close the pot lid and give ear to steep (stew) for 15-20 minutes.

If fishing is planned "quiet hunting", can boil in a pot of mushroom soup. For this fit, white mushrooms, boletus and aspen mushrooms. Thoroughly wash them, coarsely chop and place in a pot with cold salted water. Bring to a boil, remove the foam and simmer for 30-40 minutes. Then add the peeled and chopped potatoes, and chopped onion (however, experts do not, so as not to interrupt the flavor of mushrooms). When submitting to the plate every tourist put sour cream and green onions and half boiled eggs.

For the second lunch goes well with potato stew. To cook this dish in a pot – a pleasure. Peeled potatoes, coarsely cut, onion slice, carrot cut into slices. Put the vegetables in boiling pot of salted water (water should just cover them). Simmer under the lid closed for half an hour. Add the stew, stir and simmer, covered for another 10-15 minutes. Remove the pot from the fire and let the contents stew for 10-15 minutes. The second dish is ready. From drinks to dinner jelly or stewed fruit.


Pasta is a favourite dish of tourists as the evening meal. Of course, the traditional recipe involves the use of minced meat, but if he was not a tourist "grocery basket", and will fit stew. If the stuffing is still present in the food stock, add the chopped onion, season with salt and sauté in a pot in a small amount of vegetable oil or just put out. In prepared stuffing add water, bring to a boil and start pasta (better to use spaghetti from durum wheat, they will not fall apart). Without ceasing to stir, hold the contents of the pot on the fire until, until the pasta does not reach the stage of full readiness. Hold the dish in the pot under the lid for 10 minutes and serve.

To prepare the pasta nautically with meat even easier. Boil in the pot the pasta until soft, drain excess water, add stew, with salt to taste, stir and cook for 15-20 minutes. In the finished dish sprinkle green onion, serve with ketchup. Of all the drinks tourists prefer the evening tea with mint and currant leaf.