Stone Cancer needs to have certain properties relevant to this Zodiac sign. First of all, he needs to calm the bursts of negative emotions inherent in an extremely emotional and deep vulnerability to Cancer. Could be beneficial the ability to neutralize the influence of the moon, which is not always favorable. Of course, for Cancer, as for any other Zodiac sign, a very important protection against negative energy.
A great talisman for Cancer may be the emerald. It is a symbol of water, which especially connects it with the representative of the water element. Emerald has an amazing ability: it can clean the mind of its owner from sorrow and anxiety and help to concentrate on the most important things for him. Besides, emerald is indispensable on long journeys. It is believed that it will protect its owner from any dangers. In addition, this stone, like a magnet, attracts wealth.
The most obvious mascot for Cancer is moonstone. Particularly favorable it will be for those whose physical condition is in direct dependence on the change of the lunar phases. However, this is not the only valuable feature of moonstone. He literally attracts love and calms the nerves perfectly.
Another lunar talisman is pearls. Its properties in many respects similar to the properties of moonstone, he is able to settle too strong emotions. Pearl is a primarily feminine talisman since ancient times is considered a symbol of fertility. In Ancient Rus pearls richly decorated headdresses brides. In addition, it contributes to the treatment of eye diseases. However, unmarried girls to wear pearl necklaces or beads are not recommended.
Most suitable for Cancer precious metal is silver. But the stones are too active energy, for example, agate, diamond and Topaz, it is better not to wear. Not recommended as stones, has a rich bright yellow, red and orange color. Good helpers and guardians of Cancers will become pendants or pendants in the shape of cats, owls, crab or turtle. Traditionally, most will look the guardian in the form of a Crescent, thanks to him, the Cancer will be able to find harmony with yourself and surrounding world. In addition, the house is a good idea to put a Buddha figure, elephant, lilies or Lotus, carved out of one of the stones-charms Cancer.