Since ancient times, the main mascot of Crayfish was considered to be emerald. This stone was made to give the newborn, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It was believed that he protects the home and dissipates negative energy. Emerald is also called a talisman of travelers.
Modern astromineralogy also describes the most important stone Crayfish onyx. This ornamental stone strengthens faith in themselves, courage and determination, thereby helping to achieve more in life. The representatives of this zodiac sign is quite vulnerable and susceptible to outside influence, so it is recommended charms that bring confidence.
Carnelian (also known as cornelian) is a love stone love talisman, perfect Cancers. Is a variety of chalcedony deep red hue with a powerful energy. It can help you to solve the troubles in his personal life. For these purposes, you can use the chalcedonies and blue and green colors, but you shouldn't wear them round the clock. On the night of the jewelry with these stones should be removed.
Selenite or moonstone amulet all born under the sign of Cancer since this zodiac is controlled by the Moon. Selenit, so to speak, "multi": it protects against evil eye brings luck, strengthens peace in the family, maintains health of the owner.
A popular amulet among Cancers is the pearl – like sea and river. It is ideal family people, protecting the wearer from squabbles, intrigues and scandals. Pearls also respond to the human condition – if you feel unwell it gets dark. There is only one "but" - pearl beads and necklaces, according to popular belief, should not be worn by unmarried girls.
Cancers can not buy items with stones that are talismans for their zodiac opposite of Capricorn – agate, serpentine, malachite, jade. It's also best to avoid red gems and bright yellow shades.
Cancers of the first decade – born in the period from 21st June to 1st July – protects the Moon. They are good-natured and cheerful, why are mostly everyone's favorite. As a talisman they suited the moonstone, rock crystal, hematite, amethyst, carnelian.
Representatives of the second decade (2nd – 11th July), under the influence of mercury and Pluto, the experts suggest to choose products made with turquoise, chalcedony, pearl or chrysoprase.
Finally, Cancers of the third week (12th – 22nd July) is thin, sensitive and romantic nature, under the influence of Neptune. They recommended precious charms emerald, beryl, tourmaline, aquamarine.