Topaz is an excellent talisman for people born under the sign of Scorpio, especially in November. It allows too impulsive to the representatives of this Zodiac sign become more calm, wise and balanced. In addition, the stone helps too sharp and self-assured Scorpions to control their emotions, to communicate with others, cope with conflicts and to maintain a strong and friendly affair. Scorpions are advised to choose jewelry with Topaz blue or purple shade, as they are best in harmony with the element of this sign.
A good talisman Topaz can be for Weights. Jewelry with it helping people of this Zodiac sign to establish harmonious contacts with others and also attract into their lives the material well-being and business success. People born under the sign of Libra, are indecision and penchant for contradictions. Topaz gives its owner a sense of peace and serenity, eliminating him from fears and doubts, and also charges it with positive energy so it is considered one of the most powerful stones, the patron of the Scales. Astrologers suggest to the representatives of this Zodiac sign is to wear jewelry with transparent, blue or pink Topaz.
Another sign of the Zodiac, which is very well suited Topaz is Sagittarius. Representatives of this sign are very careless and gullible, and Topaz protects them from hypocrisy and lies. In addition, Sagittarians like to travel and are often in the way, and Topaz is a very strong protective talisman for travelers. This stone helps Sagittarius to quickly restore energy and spiritual powers, provides them with discretion and prudence. The best mascot for Sagittarius is the Topaz piece of jewelry with a rich blue hue, which is quite rare. Also this sign of Zodiac are suitable with red and Golden Topaz.
Topaz yellow and Golden hues protects Virgins, the Lions and the Twins. The twins should also choose a transparent variety of the mineral. The stones are brown, greenish and purple hues are well suited to Capricorn and can serve as a talisman for Virgo. Aries you can also use Topaz as a mascot, but the people of this Zodiac sign should choose stones for the most vibrant shades of red, Golden and purple. Decorating with blue, green, and blue topazes are best suited Cancers.