Sapphire is a stone with exceptional properties

According to ancient lore, a ring or a pendant with a real clean sapphire helped the wearer to distinguish truth from falsehood. Talismans, amulets and ornaments of sapphire contribute to cognition of the surrounding world. A man who wears a sapphire UV color protected from unrequited love, cheating, and family quarrels.

A talisman of this stone is suitable to calm, the development of patience and philosophical Outlook on life. The most useful property of this stone can be called the ability to save his master from laziness. Don't buy cheap stones of a dull gray colors with cracks and splits, it will bring misfortune.

Sapphire is suitable for almost all zodiac signs

Traditionally, sapphires are considered stones of Aquarius and Sagittarius. Aquarius sapphires help to develop the spiritual side of life. In difficult times the stone will help Aquarius to stay afloat, not to strike in desperation. Sagittarius sapphire is needed to increase confidence, these stones help archers achieve their goals, not to lose interest halfway.
But Capricorn and Taurus sapphire nothing, moreover, can take vital energy.

Virgins sapphire need to establish contacts with people, besides it contributes to the knowledge of the world and reflection.

Sapphire softens the character of Aries, makes him wise and farsighted, adds insight that can help in the suppression of temper and emotional control. It is therefore recommended to give the rams sapphire jewelry at a young age, the magical properties of this stone can help representatives of this sign of the zodiac without loss to survive adolescence. This is especially true of Aries, in whose horoscope there is the opposition of Mars to the Sun.

Scorpions sapphire is recommended for similar reasons. This stone can soothe the temperamental Scorpions, to create the impression of harmony and peace. Sapphire helps to get rid of worries related to unopened and unrealized ideas. Besides, it may contribute to the establishment of personal life.

The stone helps the Twins to reveal their bright and positive side, promotes the search of true friends, building a career and establishing important ties.
For the Weights of the lions and the sapphire is absolutely neutral stone. So the point of purchase is lost. These signs it is better to find a more suitable minerals.

Sapphire can be worn to Fish, he relieves from laziness and reflection, helps to gather, to concentrate on life tasks.
Cancers stone gives health and confidence, makes them generous and noble.