For Aries fit stones are diamond, amethyst, ruby, aquamarine and emerald. Diamond casts out sin, and he is afraid of the devil himself, Rubin has a chance to correct their mistakes, amethyst has healing properties, aquamarine develops the courage and emerald suit people with good intuition.
Stones of Taurus is the agate, sapphire, turquoise, opal and jade. Turquoise removes the wrath and enhances intuition, sapphire strengthens organizational skills, agate helps to comprehend the hidden meaning, opal brings happiness to wizards, and jade helps to radically change your life.
The twins are looking beryl, chrysoprase, Jasper, agate and garnet. Chrysoprase gives protection from deceased ancestors, beryl helps the body to recover, garnet takes the risk and helps to win friends, Jasper inspires and sharpens the sense of smell.
Cancers will patronize moonstone, ruby and emerald. Moonstone saves from insomnia, helps to remember dreams.
King of beasts – the lion – suitable diamond, amber and chrysolite. Amber will help not to get bogged down in their problems, and the peridot has a positive effect on physical and emotional state.
Stones Virgo is jade and carnelian. Carnelian removes from life crisis, helps to unravel the threads of fate.
Suitable weights opal, coral and lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli helps to strengthen the will-power to gather his thoughts. Coral also relieves negative emotions, heals inflammation.
Scorpio will fit the ruby, coral and aquamarine.
Stones of Sagittarius are Topaz, turquoise, peridot, amethyst and opal.
Capricorn will fit onyx, ruby, garnet and lapis lazuli. Onyx has the ability to draw out the dark thoughts and banish disease.
Stones of Aquarius is garnet, amethyst, lapis lazuli, sapphire, and opal.
Fish will match the amethyst and pearl, who confuses arrogance and pride, provides an objective vision of the situation.
When choosing a stone you should rely on your feeling, take that stone to which you felt the location that fits you.