Popular hobby among women

Very popular for many years, enjoyed crafts. Sewing, knitting, embroidery – the most common Hobbies among women. Only you choose what to knit for family and friends. Perhaps it will be a woolen sweater, cardigan or dress. Sewing – quite a useful hobby. You can sew their own clothes, which will perfectly emphasize the figure. In addition, this method can significantly reduce trips to the shops in search of the necessary things. If you have no experience in tailoring, but there is a desire, it is possible to enroll in a course of cutting and sewing.

Another interesting hobby is designing clothes. This hobby will suit those who want to diversify bored thing, decorating it with applique or embroidery. A lot of popularity lately is gaining a soap that gives you the opportunity to make soap in any shape.

Cooking is not just a hobby, and the need for many women. To create a family cosiness and to surprise my husband, you can do carving. Make slicing fruits and vegetables, bake cakes or make candy.

Many people like the Hobbies associated with mental activity. You can learn a foreign language, visit the exhibition or to take up painting.

Popular Hobbies for men

The primacy of the men's types of Hobbies is fishing and hunting. For many it is just a hobby and the business of life. Regardless of the weather conditions, men armed with fishing rods and weapons and sent for production. The second place is given to infatuation with cars and motorcycles. Most men enjoy, and relax when you tighten the screws, wipe the body of the beloved car or change the oil.

Third place in popularity is the sport. Someone is personally involved in football, hockey, basketball or practicing in gyms, and some people prefer viewing sports matches and matches with friends or family. The brave men suitable for such extreme sports as diving, climbing and jumping from height.

Special attention is to reward the fascination with the computer. Many men like to design sites to work in 3D-modeling, to blog and share your knowledge with Internet users.

Collecting – a hobby that will always be in fashion. You can collect coins, statues, stones, magnets, stamps, hats, etc.

One of the most popular Hobbies now is photography. This hobby is especially good, because it remains forever in the memory of the best moments in life and funny situations.