Copywriting – the word is of English origin. Literally means "of the author's right or copyright". It can be professional and Amateur. Professional copywriting is the type of business, which is to create unique, sonorous, memorable, striking, advertising texts, slogans, speeches.

But I would like to stay at the Amateur copywriting, to join which everyone, having the desire to learn interesting and fashionable trend. Amateur copywriting is considered to be the creation of unique texts on a given topic for different websites. Very often Amateur copywriting in the initial phase is to do writing articles on the basis of information contained in another source, but your own words. Because of this, the text becomes unique. Rewriting can be simple and complex. In the first case, the text is written on the basis of one article, the second – on the basis of several sources. Subsequently obtaining experience, the author increasingly uses own thoughts.

In favor of Amateur copywriting is indicated by the following arguments:

1. Writing – creative, interesting process, developing the vision and logic that empowers.

2. Copywriters are seldom born. Most often they become. Writing can many people. Training this skill is useful in almost any profession.

3. Through the analysis of various sources, relevant and interesting for the readers, you will always be on the crest of the information wave and a welcome companion in any company.

4. The struggle for ratings of the best authors and articles – an exciting contest. The excitement is guaranteed.

5. Copywriting is a very nice addition. Posted to article sites pay money. And if you are comfortable in this environment – the fees are very good.

Copywriting, fashion trend and an interesting, exciting hobby. Try to join in it and you have to like it.