You can earn on different things, even cooking. Today there are many websites where people post their recipes and steps of preparation. If you are home often bake or cook something unusual, and can sell. Of course, not the dish, but the recipe and the process. Just take a photo or video and write a detailed description. Suggest these recipes for large sites, usually they buy them. The cost of one prescription is usually from 50 rubles. But most of the payment for the number of characters and photos. There are resources for the article and 5 pictures can give 200 rubles.
Make toys and decorations for sale. If you know how to knit, is the ability to create unique toys. Associate charming elephants, bears, cubs. They can be put on special sites, which offer handmade goods. For example, "Fair of masters" ( gives the possibility to publish 3 pictures with descriptions. If you want to be more popular, have to pay to increase the number of items. But beautiful things buy happy, so the costs are justified.
Toys made from threads or beads can be attributed to the stores. Great options enjoy buying departments with flowers. Buyers often take to the bouquet and charming Teddy bear, and handmade is very popular. In the departments of Souvenirs are appropriate beads. If they are unique, if suitable to different interiors, they will be a good demand. Of course, the first time you offer them: you leave the thing, if it is sold, you give money, if not, the product returns. But it's not a bad option.
Embroidered pictures today are also in demand. But that it is important not to create what many embroider, and make unique works. Develop programs for editing photos and simple images do scheme. You can even embroider the faces of the people, and the portrait is expensive. Of course, for example, will first have to dump images of their relatives or friends, but then, name the examples you will be in demand. Offer these solutions to friends and on Internet sites.
Soap and cream — it's for many has long been good business. To buy the raw materials you can for pennies, and if you work on them. Make fragrant and very pleasant for the skin things. Soap with coffee, ginger, rose petals will not leave anyone indifferent. It can be of different shape and size. But the cream sometimes can do under the order, adding in the right things. But that all products were in demand, you need to have enough knowledge about the effect of various aromatic oils, herbs and other supplements.