A hobby can be almost any occupation: modeling, sports, crafts, collecting, growing plants or breeding animals. This is not a complete list of what you can do in your free time. The idea is that the concept of "hobby" is an activity that is not generating income. But if your hobby will become your job, then it is possible to earn.
How to choose a activity that will grab his head and that he can call his own hobby? This can be done in different ways. Some are known by "trial and error" carried away that one other thing. Other people approach the question of choosing a hobby from an analytical point of view – learn the different types of compare and "try on".
In order for the process of choosing a hobby will not bring you the headaches, pay attention to some key points. First – you cannot do a hobby by force, against their will. Otherwise it will not be a hobby, and flour. Choose only the activity that you really like.
The second hobby often involves certain costs. Whether different materials (paper for practicing origami, thread for embroidery, varnishes, paints, etc.) or specialized literature, tools and so on. So, plan your expected expenditure on a hobby.
Fashion exists not only on clothes, accessories, travel to certain countries, but on a hobby. A few decades ago were considered fashionable philately. People were also fond of collecting coins (numismatics), and modeling the way. Almost every Soviet boy dreamed about the albums for stamps and collecting model cars and airplanes.
Let the Soviet times have passed but the passion for coin collecting, model airplanes and stamp collecting is nothing to be ashamed of. Of course, collecting coins under force not to everyone. Here it comes down to finances, and palpable.
More modern types of Hobbies there are even more. This decoupage, and painting on ceramics and glass, scrapbooking, and many more interesting activities. So experiment and don't be ashamed of your hobby.