To find your hobby, think about what you really like. Perhaps there was some thing that you excitedly did as a child, and then abandoned? What if you try to start all over again?
Write a list of Hobbies that you heard something, and then carefully re-read it and think over each paragraph. Maybe something will seem interesting. It's okay if this list your attention was drawn to several activities. Try to learn more about each of them and try to deal with them. Soon there will come a time when you realize that it can become your life's work.
Some Hobbies are associated with an active lifestyle. You can do dance, yoga, archery or crossbow, fishing or hunting. With these classes, you will always in good physical (and mental, if you like) form.
The most common hobby – creative, when people create something with their hands. It can be carving on wood and bone, painting, photography, knitting, making dolls, cooking and more. Here you can easily find companions with the same interests, and many of those who do "this" to not do it, I admire the skills of these masters.
Also many people collect collection. You can go the easy way and start collecting coins, watches, stamps, postcards, pens, porcelain figurines, etc., and can choose for themselves something more original, such as buttons, pharmacy utensils, candlesticks, old cell phones, wallets, etc.
Follow what the people around you, friends and acquaintances. Perhaps one of their passions like you. Talk to them, find out more about the subject that you are particularly interested. The more you ask, the quicker you will understand whether you want to do that, too.
If you have something especially "hooked", collect all possible information on the Internet, in the library, directly from the people passionate about the same thing.
Think if you have free time for this activity. It is also important to have a clear idea of how many material resources it will require, and whether you to invest in your hobby the required amount of money. If your income does not allow it, better look for something else.
You will be sure to find like-minded people. Together, you will be much more interesting to develop. You can quickly go the way of the beginner and to improve their knowledge and skills, will to learn from more competent people and then sharing them and their achievements. When you find something for the soul, your life will be richer, brighter and richer. Troubles and sorrows will give place to joy and soulvnosa rest. And it is possible that after some time, your hobby will become your high priority.