Rabbit nutrition

In the nature of a wild rabbit feels, what he needs and what will bring harm. At home rabbit about the needs of his body, too aware, but I can get bored, can starving (you missed feeding, and cage lies harmful grass) – and his instincts, though strong, but after many generations of ancestors in captivity, can still fail.

Domestic rabbits are sensitive to care and attention, and their diet is key to health and vitality. Well-fed, healthy rabbit are sociable and kind, remembers those who feeds him, and even has their own taste preferences. Hunger is bad for them, but food poisoning is deadly, which is why you should put in the cage, only those plants that you feel, as well as products, untouched by mold, clean, without dyes and chemical additives.

How not to poison a rabbit

If your rabbit is very young, limit the amounts of any herbs. The same red clover, a favorite of rabbits, can cause stomach upset in young animals: these animals do eat the clover with pleasure and do not limit the number, while the digestive system of young rabbits is still unable to cope with a large amount of fresh green food.

A big misconception is also an abundance of dandelions in the diet of rabbit. Dandelions are useful, and the animals eat them willingly, but it is better to make such plants to complement the dinner, not the main course. So it goes with yarrow and cress. Salsify, geranium and Euphorbia does not give young and adult rabbits should limit the use.

In small amounts submitted in the form of a mixture with other plants and types of feed, all these herbs are useful for an adult rabbit, and will help to diversify his diet.

With the suburban area, you can bring the rabbit to the beet tops, but it can cause indigestion when an unbalanced diet. So with her worth putting in a cage thin fresh branches of alder or oak: astringent substances "neutralize" the greens.

Dog's parsley, nightshade, Buttercup – poisonous in fresh and dried form. However, if you find them among the hay – don't have to worry, when dried, these plants are harmless to the rabbit.

The number of deadly herbs for rabbit large. Among them: Lily, celandine, St. John's wort, mustard that can grow on your garden or meet in the field. Milestones poisonous Hemlock, black henbane, Datura, are poisonous. Do not feed rabbits herbs such as Larkspur, marsh horsetail, marsh marigold, Chistyakov, a fighter, Foxglove, betony, Ceramica.

The Golden rule of mushroom Unknown mushroom – don't take" applies here: put out of the piles of unfamiliar plant, do not risk the health of their Pets.

In addition, it is worth remembering that wet and juicy grass, in principle, harmful to rabbits: before you put her in a cage, it should be dry and podvyalit greens.