The main components of the menu of small rabbits are hay and drinking water. Hay helps the hair caught in the stomach, pass through the intestine without problems, the supporting muscles of that body in shape. Hay need to give the animal all the year round in large quantities, it is recommended that fresh hay from the grass. It should be dry, green color, fragrant. You can harvest it yourself, but in this case, watch carefully to the place of gathering the herbs were not poisonous plants. The grass should also not be treated with fertilizers or pesticides. Hay you need to give both young and adult individuals.
Rabbit constantly pour fresh water into the drinking bowl. Dwarf rabbits drink a lot, and the shortage of liquid poorly digested food, which can lead to various diseases. It is also necessary to give the bunnies carrots, beets, melons, cucumbers, as they contain a large amount of water.
Feed the rabbits wormwood, plantain, dandelions, clover, sorrel, burdock, tansy and other wild herbs. Constantly alternate different herbs or cook them mixture. Peas, vetch, alfalfa and other legumes add in the diet of young rabbits gradually, so they got the bowel disease. These herbs are better to feed with cereal. Do not feed rabbits constantly the same grass. Don't let the rabbits Datura, Lily of the valley, Ranunculus, spurge, Hemlock – these plants are harmful to animals. All the herbs after collection, rinse well and dry.
Let the rabbits feed wood: branches of aspen, acacia, Linden, willow, in the winter you can give branches of conifers, spruce or pine. Rabbits can be fed with cabbage along with the leaves and the stem. Cabbage let in small portions, you can feed the colorful, Brussels sprouts or kohlrabi.
Rabbits can't eat sweet, spicy and sour. Keep the feed and products were of good quality, no mold. Never collect grass for the little rabbits around the roads. Buy feed for rabbits, combining them in the diet together with other products, hay and herbs. Part of the factory feed includes the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrien that the rabbit is not getting, eating only hay and vegetables. Give the feed a little. Buy food, in which no grains, nuts, dried fruits and other bits and pieces. Do not give many treats rabbits, sometimes you can feed them apples, peaches, cherries, apricots, bananas.