You will need
  • Cage for animals, equipment for cleaning of cages, feeders, waterers and Queen cells, feed, vaccines.
Choose how you want the animals. Rabbits can be kept in outdoor cages or in special premises – rabbit-hutches. It should be remembered that rabbits are grown outdoors, have the best fur quality and higher health indicators than the content in the room. Designs of cages for rabbits very much. For sale even have a ready cell system with automation of feeding and cleaning.
можно кормить кроликов зимой
Make yourself or acquire the necessary tools to care for animals: waterers, feeders, nests.
Waterers for rabbits it is better to choose automatic, because the water in the cells must always be, and bowls and bowls animals are often wrapped.
Feeders for rabbits, there are different versions. The main requirement for manger – convenience of approach to the feed the animal and ease of cleaning. Remember, the trough of wood rabbits very quickly eats.
чем кормить домашнего вислоухого кролика
Prepare for rabbits feed. In summer, the animals consume all kinds of greens (clover, vetch, alfalfa, peas, corn and wild herbs) and winter – rough (hay) and succulent feed (potatoes, carrots, zucchini, cabbage, pumpkin, Jerusalem artichoke). Don't forget about the concentrated feed and vitamins.
кормить крольчат
Calculate animal feed rations based on nutritional value of forages and age of the rabbits. Remember that winter maintenance of the nutritional value of feed needs to be higher. The diets of animals will vary, based on type of content and the direction of breeding.
кормить декоративного кролика
Take care of necessary vaccinations for the animals. At least once a year to show their Pets to the vet. Keep hair, especially long-haired breeds. Comb and remove mats and rolled up the wool from the rabbits. Check the condition of the eyes, ears and claws of animals.
поилка для кроликов с подогревом своими руками
Upon reaching sexual maturity the animals decide whether to engage in thoroughbred breeding or crossbreeding of rabbits.