The process of fattening rabbits divided into three periods: preparatory, main and final. In adult animals the duration of the first period of five days, the second eight days, and the third, seven or eight days. For young rabbits all the periods are increased to ten days.
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During the preparatory period the food can not be changed, leave that rabbits usually feed. Just increase the dose by about 50%, and twice in the winter reduce the amount of hay or any other roughage. The perfect products for the first period are animal feed, corn, oats, hard wheat bread, legumes, herbs. Autumn and winter, feed the rabbits carrots, bran, cabbage, high-quality hay.
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The second period is the main, that during this time the rabbits must find the perfect cold condition. Feed the animals and thoroughly washed with boiled potatoes, mixed with feed and wheat bran, corn, barley, oats, wheat, peas, flax seed, greens. Don't let the rabbits root crops, hay should be very little. Can Pets drink skimmed or whole milk.
In the third period it is necessary to consolidate the results. Feed your rabbit a wide range of food, eliminate hay, it can only be given in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract of animals. Should be included in the diet of aromatic herbs: chicory, dill, cumin and many others. The best products for this period are mixtures of feed, grains, wheat bran and boiled potatoes, dairy products, branches of coniferous trees.
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During the entire fattening process let the rabbits two or three grams of salt a day. Feed the animals three or four times a day, don't skimp on the food. Long-eared Pets should always have access to fresh water. Keep rabbits in individual cages and darken the room, these animals eat more during the day. Slaughter spend after molting.
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