First you need to make the cells and choose a good place for their accommodation. It may be a barn or a shed, importantly, no wind. Cells you can buy or make yourself from boards, thick plywood, metal mesh. Cage for rabbit of medium size is made in the following sizes: 90 cm length, 60 cm width, 45 cm height. For rabbits include nested branch.
To buy better rabbits from breeders, private owners or rabbit farms. From the market it is better to refuse, where you can buy the sick and the poor animals from which good offspring are not provided.
To feed rabbits is easy. The basis of the diet is hay. It should be green and not rude. Hay better harvest it yourself, so you can be sure that it won't accidentally get a poisonous plant. In the summer of rabbits fed dried grass. A rabbits diet must contain grains. It could be wheat, oats, barley. In addition, give the roots, mineral salts, be sure to pour in a water bowl with fresh water. Feed rabbits twice a day.
Rabbit can be happened at the age of 5-7 months. Males to allow mating to 6 months. Animals should not be fattened, especially for females. Acrolina rabbit bears rabbits 30 days, there may be fluctuations in 1-2 days. The breeding of rabbit is fast, usually overnight.
Rabbits are born completely naked and blind. You need to ensure that the nest is left a corpse. This should be done very carefully, the hands should not have odors, it's best to RUB them litter females. The mother does not sit constantly with their kids. She periodically visits the nested branch, digs down, feeding the rabbits and buried them again.
Baby bunnies open eyes at 10 to 14 days, grow fast, with 17 days of age begin to leave the nest and feed together with the mother. Monthly the bucks is deposited in the cage for the young, and the rabbit again happen.
Young intensively fed, while achieving 3-4 months, the rabbits are ready to slaughter. But, if grown meat korkovye of the breed, the slaughtering of rabbits based on their degree of completion of molting.