Water is one of the most important ingredients in the diet. Due to insufficient amount of fluid, bad rabbits digest food. In summer the water demand is reduced. Carrots, beets, watermelon, cucumber – rich foods liquid.
The green fodder grass, fresh shoots, leaves, rabbits need from spring until late autumn. The more varied the combination, the better they eat. Dandelion, plantain, burdock, sorrel, clover and other wild herbs are a favorite dish for rabbits. A great addition to the diet of the rabbit is the fresh branches of deciduous trees.
Hay must be present in the diet at any time. Little rabbit is recommended to feed hay alfalfa, gradually introducing hay from grasses.
Vegetables also occupy a large part in the diet. Starting at 12 weeks of age, the vegetables are introduced slowly, observing every reaction, to avoid digestive upset . Recommended vegetables: carrots , broccoli, cucumber. It is not recommended to give cabbage, beans, tomatoes, rhubarb.
Feed. As they are very high in calories, you should not get involved with them in the diet. Otherwise it may lead to obesity, the problems begin with digestion. Food of good quality should contain 20-25% fiber, 14% vegetable protein and less than 1% calcium.