Try to talk with yourself standing at the mirror. Say in the form of a monologue, for example, imagine telling the other person about his Affairs, plans about the day, etc. In many cases, this practice allows us to cope with stuttering. We must do it daily. Your task – to get used to their voice and gain confidence.
If you read books, Newspapers or magazines, do it out loud. Reading unlike a conversation with someone does not imply thinking about the words before they speak. This in turn eliminates the nervousness. In addition, practicing reading aloud, you will improve your speech, gradually getting rid of its defects.
A good way of getting rid of stuttering is to record and analyze your conversation. Try to include the recording on your phone or voice recorder when you're with someone to talk to. Then listen carefully to the conversation. Note in what points and on what words you often stutter. This will help you to deal with the problem more effectively.
Try to take control of the pace of his speech. If you stutter, a quick conversation will only exacerbate the situation, you will always stay, number and duration of stops will increase. Try to speak consciously and slowly, you watch your mouth, if necessary, deliberately pause.
Before, or what to say try to visualize his words. It can be any imagery or visualization of the whole process. Many studies show that such mental activity is in many cases significantly reduces the stuttering effect. This method helps to gain confidence in your speech, as well as to achieve the smoothness and accuracy of pronunciation.
Stuttering is often a consequence of respiratory failure. This is most evident in the conversation when the person just stops breathing and the result begins to stutter. If you have such problems, try to perform regular breathing exercises. Always watch your breath. When talking with someone, do not allow pauses and breathe normally. Before you start a conversation you can make a few deep breaths or hold your breath for a few seconds. This can make it easier to control the process of breathing.
If you are unable to cope with the problem yourself, do not hesitate to contact the speech therapist. This specialist is especially essential if an individual pauses in your speech last for several seconds or if the stuttering can't handle a few months. In addition, stuttering in children can affect their psychological state. The assistance of a speech therapist in this case will be necessary.