You will need
  • - book of prose;
  • children's books;
  • - stopwatch;
  • - a collection of tongue twisters;
  • - a collection of speech therapy exercises if required.
Hearing the question, take the time to answer. Count at least to ten. During this time you will have time not only to think of something to say, but to find the right tone. This is especially important if there is a serious discussion and your words much depends.
Learn to listen to the interlocutor, without interrupting. Do not rush to intervene, even if you have something hurt. When a man listens and ponders on someone else's speech, he instinctively begins to respond slower than usual.
Note the time and read an excerpt from some novel. For purity of experiment, choose a piece that you know well. Repeat the exercise, trying to read the same passage over a greater period of time. This will work if you pronounce words clearly. Perform these tasks every day.
Very good if you have small children. Often talk with them and read them books. Talking with a child, an adult intuitively begins to pronounce words slowly and clearly. Otherwise the child simply will not understand. Try to read with expression, clearly placing emphasis and underlining meaning. Try and adults to talk in the same pace as children. It helps office workers who often have to deal with not too balanced customers.
Do not overuse the mobile phone. Many learned quickly to speak cell phone. Man I want to say as much as possible in a short period of time, since every second removed from the account money. This habit remains even in the case if you switched to the unlimited tariff. So try to call just in case.
Great benefit can bring drama or a circle of art reading. In the Studio theater be sure to teach elocution. Habit to clearly pronounce words, speak clearly and at a moderate pace is the actor in everyday life, even if he studied in the Studio not very long. In the circle of art reading learn how to set the intonation again, to speak clearly and calmly.
Immediately run to a speech therapist hardly worth it. Do it if you talk at a slow pace, you will discover still some speech defects. Very often, those who quickly said, clearly pronouncing hissing — the vocal apparatus is simply no time to adjust to the desired sound. Try some of the exercises. Imagine that your language is a "Cup". Give him this position. Relax him. Repeat the exercise ten times and do it every day.
With the "Cup" there are still a few exercises. Imagine that you lick with the upper lip something delicious. This exercise also repeat at least a dozen times. You can just push and push "a Cup". If you speak clearly and other sounds, choose the appropriate exercises.
Tongue twisters are very helpful. However in this case there are "tongue twisters on the contrary." To say you know how. Try to do it slowly and clearly. Probably will break it immediately, but it will certainly work if you're in control.