Group on electrical safety is a complex of conditions and requirements that must be met by a specialist in the field of work related to electricity.

The concept of the group on electrical safety

System requirements the full name of which is a group of tolerance of electrical safety, determines the nature and level of knowledge that needs to have a specialist in this area. The assignment of the group a specialist is granted after passing a special exam, which is taken by the Commission.

In case of successful passing of this exam, a technician can obtain a certificate confirming its right to conduct certain types of work associated with an electric shock. However, such identities are a set format, which is valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, so the potential employer, reviewer, or other interested parties may easily identify the appropriate document as well acquainted with him. Periodically, the technician must confirm their compliance with existing groups, for example, during the transition to a new job.

Group on electrical safety

Document defining a list of requirements to groups on electrical safety and the conditions of their allocation in the Russian Federation are the Rules of technical operation of electrical consumers. The document stipulates that specialist in working with electricity can be one of the five following groups.

Group I electrical safety refers to a minimum level of qualification requirements and commonly assigned to staff who are not classified as electrical or Electrotechnology. It is necessary to the employee, whose activity is somehow connected with the operation of electrical equipment, e.g. electric furnaces. Group II required those employees who service equipment with electric drive. The group III must have staff whose duties include sole control over the operation of the equipment with voltage up to 1000 volts.

IV group on electrical safety should be assigned to staff who solely provide services of electrical installations with voltage exceeding 1,000 volts, and group V - entities, the responsibility of which is to control the entire energy sector enterprise. Assigning each subsequent group presumes the availability of certified knowledge necessary to obtain the previous group, as well as specific experience with electrical installations.