To get to the Top Pyshma on public transport of Ekaterinburg, most often from the metro station "Mashinostroiteley". But the city is the final station of the bus 108 and 111A. The final stop of all routes - bus Upper Pyshma on the street the Refractory. The remaining buses are moving from Yekaterinburg in other localities. Passing in the Top Pyshma call buses 103, 104Е, 134, 161 and 223. Fare in buses is approximately 30 rubles. To Pyshma on public transport can be reached from 6 am until half 11pm. In the village runs three own route, which you can get from one corner of city to another.
If you are going to go to the Top Pyshma on the car you drive from Yekaterinburg have on Kosmonavtov Avenue to the intersection with the ekad, then move out to the Soviet street, follow it to the intersection of Petrova. Passing by this street you can travel from Ekaterinburg and get to the Top Pyshma.
In the Top Pyshma you can get commuter buses from:
- the village Baltym 101,
- the village of Red 104,
- the village of Green Bor 106,
- villages Olkhovka and Pervomayskaya 109,
- the city of Sredneuralsk or the village of Iset 110,
- the settlement of Nagorno 112.