Decide about getting a group of tolerance of electrical safety with their immediate supervisor. If you first get a job and your profession is in category the electrotechnical personnel, the officer responsible for the electrical equipment, will assign you II group tolerance after training in the amount of 72 academic hours. After developing experience with the second group of permit from one to three months you can get the III group.
Talk with your supervisor about improving your group's tolerance. You will be directed to training in the training centre licensed by Rostechnadzor. After training through the organization and delivery of credit you will assign III group tolerance. It is also directly in the enterprise through an examination of the certification Commission. In this case, all the theoretical issues of electrical safety you will need to study independently. Having worked with III group tolerance of three to six months, you can get the IV group and higher in the presence of production necessary.
Complete training on electrical safety in the direction of the organization if you get a job with a certificate from the previous place of work to confirm the indicated group tolerance. Training shall be at the expense of the employer. After passing the exam you will be given a new identity with the name and seal of the company in which you work. The validity of the admission on electrical safety - 1 year (if used during this period in the same organization).