You will need
  • Removable flash drive computer with USB 2.0 support.
In order to copy files or folders to a flash drive, you need to connect our flash drive to the computer. The connection is made via a USB port. Connector USB storage device (stick) is on the back side of the system unit (rear panel). Usually on the back side 4 of the USB connector. It is also possible the connections on the front panel. The latest models of system units appears the integration of the front panel, which is a two USB connectors and connectors for microphone and headphones.
Start file Explorer (My computer). This can be done by double-clicking on the icon "My computer" or via "start menu". In the bottom of the window will be a section with removable storage and CD/DVD drives. Usually, your USB flash drive will display in the name of the manufacturer of this USB device.
How to copy on a flash drive
Prepared a flash drive to work, now we will copy the information. To do this, open the flash drive by double clicking the left mouse button or click right mouse button on the icon for flash media, and then click Open.
Open any folder, which elements we need to copy on a flash drive. In the new window, select the desired files by holding the Ctrl button, and drag them into the first window. You can also drag the files while holding right mouse button, select "Copy".
It is possible to send the desired files or folders as follows:

- select the file to copy it to a USB flash drive;

- press right mouse button - select "send to" - select the flash drive.
How to copy on a flash drive
The files were copied. You just have to remove the flash drive from the computer. To do this, click with the left mouse button in the image to the USB device in the system tray (near the clock). A notification will appear that you can now remove your flash drive.
How to copy on a flash drive