You will need
  • - connecting cable
  • - computer
Open the folder where music is stored. Select the folders or files that you want to write to your flash memory. If a lot of them — it is better to copy the files to a separate folder.
Right-click the mouse on the desktop and select Create . A submenu opens in which select the submenu "Folder . Displays folder icon with a field to enter text — the name of your folder for temporary storage.
Click on the title bar, which displays your music. After a click with the left mouse button on the icon of the desired song or folder and hold the button, drag to the desktop operating system — just the folder icon created for music. So you copy the information, which was later inserted into the memory device (phone, Walkman, or electronic books).
Insert into any USB connector on the computer cable from your device. Wait about a minute to recognize him and gave a window of options: "View the content , Copy and so on. Press the left mouse button on "Viewing the contents of a folder . A window will open that shows what is already there in flash memory of the connected equipment.
If you connect the player, simply hold down the left button on the desktop the folder where the copied music. Drag it to the window that shows the contents of the flash drive. In a few minutes or seconds, depending on the amount of music and the power of the computer will appear a progress bar. If your flash media has sufficient memory, then the progress bar will soon disappear, and the window with the contents of the new folder will appear. You can also right-button click on the icon of the folder where music is stored, and select "send to , submenu Removable disk . The result is the same.
If you connect a mobile phone or an e-book, the procedure is slightly different. Wait for identify device, select the same option "View content . When the folder opens, find the words "Music is among those that will appear in the window. And then while holding the left mouse button, drag the selected music from the desktop to the folder "Music . In this folder your technique it just will see and be able to play the built-in program.