You will need
  • - 7-Zip.
There are several methods for solving this difficulty. The reason is that the FAT32 file system, which is most common among USB flash drives, writing to these device files exceeding 4 GB. Try to change the format of the file system using functions of the Windows operating system.
Connect the flash drive to the USB port of your computer or laptop. Wait until the system will detect a new device. Click on "My computer". To do this, press "start" and E. Now click the right mouse button on the icon of your flash drive. Select "Format".
In the opened window, remove the tick from "Fast (clearing the table of contents)". In menu, File system, specify the type NTFS. Now click Start and wait for formatting your pendrive. Be sure to save important files because the flash drive will be cleared during formatting.
If this method does not suit you, then divide the file that you want to record to a USB flash drive into several parts. For this install 7z. Click on "My computer" and the file that you want to record on a USB flash drive.
Click right mouse button and select 7-Zip. In the ensuing menu, select the option "add to archive". Opens a new window. Select the archive format, e.g. Zip. In the "compression Level", set "No compression".
Now locate the menu for "Split to volumes". Enter the size of one volume, for example, 3500000 bytes (3.5 GB). Click "OK". As a result, you will get multiple Zip files. All these files copy to your USB flash drive. To combine the file into one, select all the zip files, right click the mouse on one of them and select "Collect files".