Make sure that you inserted the flash drive into the USB port and the system identified it as an external drive. Move the cursor to the icon of the file you want to save to a flash card, and click the right mouse button. Select the context menu command "Send". In the ensuing submenu click on "Removable disk (X:)".
As each individual computer can have a different number of local and removable drives, and the drive name (X) may be different for each user. Copying information to a USB flash drive will depend on the amount of recorded data.
There is another option: click the right mouse button on a file or group of files that you want to throw on a flash drive. Select from the drop down menu "Copy". Open the folder through "My computer" or any other convenient for you way the removable drive corresponding to the flash card. Click on any blank area of the window that opens, right-click and select from the drop down menu "Paste".
If the source file is in a folder, you can use the following method. Select the file with the left mouse button, and select the menu bar item "edit". In the submenu, click on the command "copy to folder" or "move to folder" with the left mouse button. This will open a new dialog box. Specify a path to the flash drive and click "Copy" or "Move". Wait until the end of the operation.
To move a file or folder on a flash drive and the other way. At the same time, open the removable drive representing the flash drive and the folder where you stored your file. Select the file. Click on its icon with the left mouse button and while holding it down, drag the icon of the selected file from the source folder to the removable disk.