Lock screen

Every mobile device after a certain period of time for which this device is not used, goes into screen lock mode. It is worth noting that in recent versions of mobile devices began to appear a variety of widgets that you can display on your lock screen and use them. Of course, if the user needs quick access to the device and its functions, then this screen will only interfere. Therefore, it may be better if you just disable it.

Lock screen can be: GUI password entering the pin code or just drag the slider. It is worth noting that the graphic lock and the pin code is the best option, as no one except you will not be able to access the device and the confidential information will not be affected, and therefore, it is better to use such options for the lock screen.

Disable lock screen

To disable the screen lock, simply open the mobile device menu and go to "Settings" and there select "Security". Appears a rather large list where you want to find and select the "Lock screen". Here the user can specify different values, and to disable it just select the corresponding item ("Disable" or "Cancel"). After applying these changes, the device will automatically switch to desktop immediately after pressing the power button. In the end, the screen will just go blank, but no lock screen will be gone. In order to get her back, you must be in the same section and select "Enable".

It is worth remembering that the lock screen (with password) - the perfect way to protect the information stored on your device from unauthorized persons. of Course, if you remove the lock screen, then people with access to your device can know your confidential information, and in case of loss of the mobile device, they will be able to fully use it. In this regard, it turns out that if you have a need to disable the lock screen, think about the installation of various security applications. Today, they are not difficult to find, for example, in the Google Play Market or AppStore. Some of them allow the user to remotely lock the device or completely wipe out his memory and all files. This is especially true in the case if your phone or tablet has been lost or stolen.